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We are doing a test today in maths. We are going to be focussing on multiplication and division, so give this a go, and send me your finished sheet.


Well done for everyone who had a go at our end of unit reading test, you all did brilliantly! Today, we are going to take the foot off of the gas a little and do a more creative activity. Have a go at designing your own front cover for a book you enjoy.

Design your own book cover!


We are thinking about adverbials today in English. We are going to be using them in out instructions this week, so we need to practise using adverbials. Watch the video and give the sheet a go.

Adverbial phrases in instructions 10 2


We are looking into gravity today! Have a watch of the video as it explains the experiment we will be doing today.

If you want to do the helicopter experiment for fun, the template is below. See if you can change the speed in which it falls.