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WB 8th March


This week we will be learning another new letter sound ( phoneme) ..... g

The children will be watching the Storytime Phonics Story,  practicing saying the sound, learning the action caption and using the sparkle rhyme to help us to write the Letter Shape (grapheme) 

This weeks caption action is .... Gggg Gruff the Grump " Place clenched fists under chin whilst looking Grumpy " 

The Sparkle Mark is .... Go around his grumpy face and under his tummy 



This weeks learning is about practicing counting groups of objects. Below are some of the activities the children will be doing in Nursery.


Counting Cars

Set out a number line on the floor like parking spaces 1 to 5

Pick out a number card from a pack and find that number on the number line. Put a stick there … “This is where we need to count to, we are going to stop when we get to the stick"

Help the children to “ park “ that many cars in the spaces

   Model counting from the first car each time and remind the children that the last number is         the one that represents the amount “How many are in the group?”

   Take out a number card with a 6 ask the children what we need to do.


   Counting Cars

  Set out a number line on the floor like parking spaces 1 to 6

  Create a “concrete number line “

  For each number line up that amount of cars


  Counting Sets with Jar

  Containers with different amounts of cars

  Tell the children we need to find out how many using the 5 fram

  Count out each group using the 5 frame, emphasise when all the spaces are gone that must be 5     when only one is on its own it must be 1


Happy Counting yes



This week we are entering our Red Week, in our Story the color Monster will be exploring the emotion of Anger. The children will be discussing how this emotion feels and what they can do to help themselves manage it. 

We have Red Water, Red Dough and lots of other Red objects to explore and sort heart

The children will be using different shapes to make a fire engine and materials from the Creative Area to make a ladybird.




Inside Out - Anger scenes

" Oh i show you attitude old man." - AngerI hope you like it. :D :D