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Wb 4th Jan

Suggested Remote Learning timetable for families

Spellings to be tested on 7th Jan 2021

Friday 8th January

Maths Friday

Maths Friday 8th January

English Friday

Spelling lesson - NEW SPELLNGS

Topic - sort and classify sea creatures

Thursday 7th January 2021


Thursday 7th January Maths

ENGLISH - Big Write Introduction

On Thursday, we have our Big Write English lessons. Whilst we are learning remotely, you may decide to do these in Microsoft Word, on paper or in the Journal option of Dojo where you can type freely into your Dojo portfolio.

A Big Write would normally be between 60 and 90 minutes of writing time with a break and some teacher inputs to break it up and support concentration and focus. Do the same at home, take a break, have a drink, do a bit of exercise and come back to it.

We do not 'set' a Reading lesson on Big Write days but we do still have time for independent reading.


Use Dojo to let us know how you do! Good luck!

Thurs 7th Jan - PSHE taking risks

         Wednesday 6th January

Wednesday 6th January Maths


READING Wednesday

Tuesday 5th January

Tuesday Maths



P.E with Joe

For today's PE, here is a workout with Joe to have a go at!
PE with Joe returns next week as well, LIVE......!

Monday 4th January 2021

MATHS Monday

English - Monday 4th January

Here is our introduction and activities for English today.

READING Mon 4th Jan

TOPIC Monday