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WB 22nd March

Music Day - 22/3/21

Monday is a day dedicated to music so in F1, we are going to be practicing our singing, dancing and instrumental skills! In our first morning session, we will be learning the song 'DO RE MI' from The sound of music and will put actions to the words of the chorus while learning how to sing along to the scales of the song. In the second morning session, we will explore a variety of instruments and learn to play along in time to songs and rhymes. 
In our tough spot areas, the children will have access to a range of instruments to explore freely and they will also have the chance to create their own musical instruments out of recycled materials! 

We can't wait to see the children explore and express themselves in a musically creative way today! 


Do Re Mi

Shaker songs for Preschoolers: Play on your Instruments