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Wb 17th May


This week, Year 3 and Year 4 will be continuing their learning on Fractions. Year 3 and Year 4 will have separate Maths sheets on MONDAY AND TUESDAY

WEDNESDAY - FRIDAY: Year 3 and Year 4 will both be learning about finding fractions of amounts. 

Wednesday's lesson is a practical lesson, finding fractions of sets of objects by dividing objects into groups such as thirds, quarters, halves, tenths, fifths and more than one of these e.g 2/5 of a set of objects.


In English this week, we will be researching and creating our own sandwiches! On Monday, we will be looking at a range of recipes and create our own success criteria. On Wednesday, we will be creating the sandwiches during our English lesson slot! 

In topic this week, we will be focussing on designing and making our own healthy sandwiches. For our computing lesson this week, we will be using Excel to create a graph showing the popularity of different sandwich fillings.