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WB 10.05.21

WB  10.05.21


Week 4 0f our Topic " Jack and the Flum Flum Tree " 


This week in the story, Jack and his crew arrive at the "Isle of Blowyournose" they find the Flum Flum tree but are being watched from the bushes by some Monkeys ! In the Magical Story Box we had a banana , the children were given clues about which fruit might be in there. "You have to peel it , it grows in a tree and is yellow !" They were then asked which animals enjoy bananas. 

In the box there was a Monkey and we talked about what any facts about Monkeys that we already knew. 

Week 4 Miss Blore's tour

As part of Monkey week we are making Pancake Monkey Faces .... yummy xxx

Monkey Pancake for snacktime xx