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WB 05.07.21

Magical Story Box 

This week we will be introducing the story by discovering the clues in the story box. There will be straw,  a barn and farm yard animals to help the children to guess what may be in the story and what it might be like. They will then use hand printing to make a hen picture, count out farm animals up to 10 and lots more ....



This weeks sound is L .... we will be discussing objects beginning with L and learning the action caption for Story Time Phonics 

Action ...... Whilst saying " L L Lazy Ladybird " the children Stretch arms into 2 large circles as though they are waking up 



In number learning time we will continue using the 10 frame to count different amounts of objects and also separate an amount of objects in different ways 

EG   for 3 ...       1 and 2      0 and 3    



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