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Today, we are going to be doing a recap of multiplication and division as we will be doing a test tomorrow! Have a watch of the videos to help remind you of the method and then give the sheet a go.

Long Multiplication Demonstration 4 digit by 2 digit

In this video I demonstrate and include some tips to think about when using long division to multiply a 4 digit number by a 2 digit number. This is a Year 6 ...

Box Method Division | 4-Digits Divided by 1-Digit | Math with Mr. J

Welcome to Box Method Division (4-Digits Divided by 1-Digit) with Mr. J! Need help with box method long division? You're in the right place!Whether you're ju...


We have a reading comprehension test for you today. This activity will help me to know how you are progressing with your retrieval, comprehension and inference skills. Please try and do this independently so I can get a true reflection of what you are confident with and what you need more support with.


Today, we are going to be thinking about imperative verbs. These will help us with the instructions we will be writing on Thursday. Watch the video for a reminder into what imperative verbs are, and then have a go at the sheet.



Safer internet day!

Today is safer internet day, and we are looking at reliability this year. This is a really important topic since we are spending so much time on the internet and using devices. Have a watch of today's assembly to get an understanding into what Safer Internet Day is, and have a go at the activity provided.

Have a go at the interland game - go to reality river as your first activity please, then feel free to explore anything else after that (click the link which says 'interland game') :)


Have a go at today's Joe Wicks work out challenge. 

PE With Joe 2021 | Monday 8th Feb