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Summer 2 Little Red Hen

W/C 7th June 2021


Topic Little Red Hen


The Magical Story Box will contain garden tools, chicken, corn/straw. We will unwrap the book and read the title and blurb. We will introduce the character the Little Red Hen.

We have a role play farm shop and will make our own red hen and play imaginatively with the farm animal figures.

We may have a visit from a chicken. 




We will be learning our new sound 'oi' and 'ear'

The story for 'oi' is Oi get off our train. The action is to cup a hand around your mouth, shout Oi! and make a thumb like a hitchhiking. We will play with the train sets, Think of words containing 'oi' like oil, coin, soil, join.

The story for 'ear' is Oh Dear. Look surprised cover your mouth with a hand and wag your finger. We will write ear words (dear, hear, fear) on an egg and play with the farmyard figures. 






Finding different ways to make 19 and 20.  Knowing 1 more, 1 less. How many tens and how many units.