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Sports Day at Home

Welcome to Sports Day at Home!

Welcome to our 2020 Sports Day! You can see each event in the videos below. 

There will be prizes and a medal for effort in each class as well as certificates for everyone who takes part!

All you need to do is enter your scores here when you've done your events. If you want to upload images or videos of how you get on, you can share them via ClassDojo or e-mail in Foundation Stage. Make sure you read the GDPR statement on the entry form if you consent to any photos or videos being shared with Mansfield Town Football in the Community and the Media.

Introduction Message

Welcome, to Sports Day at Home.

The First Event

Here is the first event and today is a chance to practice!

The Second Event - Human Hula hoop

Can you catch the hula-hoop onto your arms?

The Third Event

The Fourth Event

The Fifth Event