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What Is DNA?

We have been very fortunate, through a worldwide programme called 'Skype a Scientist', to connect with a genetic researcher called Dr.Cecillia Vilacorta Rath who does some fascinating and very important research into genetics and DNA among marine life in Australia. Her job is to detect invasive and endangered species presence in the wild via the DNA that they shed into water. It is very important in conserving endangered species by identifying where they are living, just using their DNA!


She has taken time out of her incredible busy work, to prepare a presentation about what she does. Make sure your sound is on so you can hear her explaining it.

We are invited to share any questions we have about her work and she will answer them for us to help us with our topic.

You may want to ask her questions about how animals' DNA is changing? How she got to do such a fascinating job? What it is like to be researching in such fascinating places? 


There are a couple of extra articles about her work here and here and then her presentation to us all is below:

eDNA Presentation for Year 6

This presentation was kindly put together by our Skype-a-Scientist Dr.Villacorta Rath to help us with our new ID topic.