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Remote Learning

Welcome to the Nursery Remote Learning Page. Here you will find some fun activities that you can do with your child at home.  

As Nursery provision encompasses Learning through Play it is difficult to recreate these experiences electronically. Due to this we have made some Learning Packs with resources for you to use at home. If you would like a pack please let me know by emailing me ......... 

All the packs we made last week have been collected and the staff are busy making up some more, feedback from parents so far has been very positive smiley I am intending to refill the packs in a couple of weeks with some other resources to cover other  areas from the Early Years curriculum. 


The following is a suggested timetable for the activities that I will be providing ....


Monday .....  Magical Story Box and Dough Disco 

I will put a link to a video on You Tube of myself doing the Magical Story Box input, in the packs we have sent you a pot of dough this can be used for " Dough Disco " Please see links on the Dough Disco page  

Tuesday .....  Phonics and Maths Activity 

Wednesday ..... Phonics and Maths Activity 

Thursday .....  Phonics writing and Maths Activity

Friday ..... Dough Disco and Maths Activity 


We will also provide ideas for learning through play on the Continuous Provision Page 




Listen to Miss Blore sing our register time songs x

Hello Song

Register time routine x