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Welcome! This page is where all of the learning will be put whilst we are off school :-) Please upload any learning to your portfolio on Dojo. I can't wait to see what you upload :-)

Suggested Remote Learning timetable

Spellings to be tested Friday 8th January

These spellings were given out the week before the Christmas break and so might be in planners. We are going to do the spelling test on Friday, instead of Thursday this week :-) 


Spellings to be tested



















Spellings to be tested 














Friday 8th January- Well done everyone for a fantastic first week. I am so impressed with everyone and I know that together we can keep going through this :-) 

Spelling Test- Friday 8th Jan

Fri 8th Jan- Arithmetic

Fri 8th Jan Spellings

Fri 8th Jan Spellings 2

Reading- Please either read a book that you have at home and let me know what you thought of it or access Bug Club, via this link here 

Let me know if you have a problem accessing Bug Club and I can sort it out :-) 

Fri 8th Jan- PE

Fri 8th Jan French My bedroom

Friday finish- Mindfulness Meditation for Kids

This mindfulness meditation for kids helps children learn how to better relax, focus on their breathing, become aware of body sensations, reduce stress, and ...

Thursday 7th January- Thank you for being amazing this week! Let's keep going :-) 


Maths for today is multiplying decimals by 10, 100 and 1000. Please click here to watch the video and find the worksheet below. 

Thurs 7th Jan Reading Comprehension

Use the information text from the powerpoint :-)

Thurs 7th Jan English Big Write

Topic- Can you decorate your mask with an original design? You can find lots of inspiration on the internet :-)

Wednesday 6th Jan- I am so impressed with everything that has been uploaded to Dojo. Well done to everyone! 


Maths for today is investigating numbers with 3 decimal places. Please click here for the video link and find the worksheet below. 

Wed 6th Jan Reading Comprehension

Wed 6th Jan English Planning our information text

For PSHE today, I would like you to think about your ambitions for the future. These might be ambitions that can be achieved within the next few months or the next few years. This activity, first asks you to think about your ambitions and then how you are going to achieve them, as you may need some help from other people. Remember, that you can be whatever you want to be and reach for the stars :-) 

HANDWRITING- Please choose any sheet from your CGP handwriting book and practise your handwriting. Don't forget to upload your handwriting to Dojo :-) 


MUSIC- Below I have put an example each of Mariachi and Ranchera music. Can you please have a listen to both of them and compare them? I would like to know which one you prefer and why? Can you also tell me how they make you feel? What kind of music do you prefer? Why? 

Happy Mexican Music Mariachi - Traditional Mexico Beat

Now, this one is rather long, so please feel free to skip parts and if you only listen to five minutes, that would be brilliant! :-)

RANCHERA MUSIC for trumpet / spanish guitar called Taxco

This one is not so long, so please tell me what you think. Which one do you prefer?

Tuesday 5th Jan 2021- Don't forget to upload your learning to Dojo and check out Mrs Ferry's arithmetic on our Class Story. 


Maths for today is carrying on our decimals learning from yesterday, understanding thousandths. Click here for the link to the video and find the worksheet and the DU/DU+ below. 



If you usually work with Mrs Ledger, please find the link to your video here and find your worksheet below. 

Please have a go, as we have done this before :-)

Tues 5th Jan Reading Vocabulary

Reading Y6

Grammar Blast- Active and passive voice. I have included a link to a video, which will hopefully help when identifying active and passive voice. Click here 

I think that the best way to remember is, if you can put 'by aliens' after the verb, then the sentence is passive, eg. 'The hole was dug by Stanley' is passive, as 'by Stanley' can be replaced with 'by aliens.'

'Stanley dug the hole' is active, as if you tried to add 'by aliens' to any place in this sentence, it would not make sense. Give it a go if you don't believe me :-) 

Tues 5th Jan English Adverbs and linking adverbs

English sheet- I know there is a lot to do today, so English is quite short :-)

Tues 5th Jan- Topic


If you want to keep trying to count in time with the music, click here to continue to with the music that is on the audio file. If not, have a go at using another piece of music and let me know how you get on :-) 

Mexican folk dance: El Jarabe Tapatío

Interpretation of a folk dance that originates from Jalisco, Mexico. Done by Estampas de Mexico, based in Campus Guadalajara, Zapopan, Jalisco, México. Recor...

Mexican Hat Dance

Have a go at completing the dance moves :-)

Week beginning Monday 4th January 2021 


Please find the learning below for this week. Don't forget to upload all of your activities to Dojo. I can't wait to see them! 


Monday 4th Jan- This week we are beginning to look at decimals. Please click here for the video link and find the worksheet below. 

If you usually work with Mrs Ledger in Maths, please find your sheet below.

For Reading today (Monday), please only read the text and highlight any vocabulary you are unsure of. Then try and define them. I know I uploaded the questions but I have since taken them down as we will do those tomorrow :-) 

Monday 4th Jan- Reading Text and Questions

Please bear with me- the English video will be uploaded later today. You know me and technology! 

Monday 4th Jan English sheet

Grammar Blast- Tenses

Hola Mexico Newsletter- please read before you complete the What I already know sheet

Topic- What do you already know about the country of Mexico and its history?

Topic- Responding to and comparing Music

Week beginning- 23rd November- welcome to week 2! I hope that you have all had a lovely weekend :-) Please find the learning for this week on here. Just a heads up, that we will be completing a 'Make Do and Mend' session when we return to school next week and so if possible, please try to get together a couple of pieces of old clothing that you could cut up and sew into something else. Also, on the first Friday back (4th December) we will be having an evacuee day, where we would like you to come to school dressed as evacuees and we are going to treat you to a day in the life of a child during WW2. There will be more information about both of these coming to you this week, so please don't worry about it- I just wanted to give you as much warning as possible :-) 
Good morning everyone and happy Friday! Maths for today is an arithmetic test, English is based on your new spellings- remember that you only have five to learn but there are ten on the worksheet, Reading is a book review or use of Bug Club. There are some PE activities to do and we thought it would be really nice for you to reflect on the past two weeks and produce something that another class could use if they had to self-isolate. Don't forget to upload everything onto Dojo :-) 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Book Review

Today is  Big Write day and the video is finally uploaded! I can't wait to see what you come up with :-)  

Big Write Video

Still image for this video

You can use this sheet to write on if you want :-)

Spelling Test- 26-11-20

Reading for today is to complete the Blitz reading comprehensions, if you haven't already. If you have, please click here to go to Bug Club or you can write another book review or read your own book and write in your planner. 


Buy, bye and by Spelling Blast

Wednesday Topic- The Blitz. 


I would like you to do today's learning in a different order. Could you please complete the topic activity first and then complete the English sheet, as you will need the information from topic to help you with the English. I hope that makes sense! 


For topic, below I have put some links to websites that provide you with lots of information about the Blitz. They include pictures and the BBC website has the sounds on there that we listened to in class. You could also see what else you can find out about the Blitz. 


Then for topic, I would like you to present your learning however you want. This might be a video presentation or a powerpoint or a poster- it is up to you! I don't think that a powerpoint can be uploaded to dojo, but if not, you can send it to my email address. If you let me know, then I'll send it you :-) 

Wednesday Reading- Remember to choose the 1, 2 or 3 star sheet, do not do them all! Today's focus is on vocabulary and defining words

Know, no and now spelling blast

Tuesday English- Can you have a go at using modal verbs in sentences?

For Reading, please either complete the comprehension questions for the The Blitz or log on to Bug Club :-) 



Knew and new Spelling Blast

Topic- I would like you to research the artist Matisse. What can you find out about him?

1st PE session- Rainbow Yoga 🌈 Yoga For All Ages! 🌈 Yoga With Adriene

Rainbow Yoga! The perfect 17-minute practice to brighten your day, to help turn darkness into light. Great for ALL AGES! Breathe deep, create a healthy flow ...

Monday- Column Addition

Monday English

Still image for this video

Monday English sheets- for the first two activities, choose the sheet that is right for you :-)

Reading - please look only at defining vocabulary today and answer the comprehension questions tomorrow :-)

To, two and too Spelling Blast


Still image for this video

Volts worksheets

Friday 20th November- Remember to wear your odd socks! I would like to say well done and thank you to everyone (parents/carers and children) for your support this week and for the amount of learning that has been uploaded to Dojo- you have all been absolutely AMAZING! 


There are quite a few things to do today, although you may have already completed some of these. Don't forget to upload everything to Dojo.


Please let us know your spelling scores and arithmetic scores- Dojos will be given for fantastic scores. Also, Mrs Ferry has asked for you to let us know (by sending a photo of your planner) how many times you have read this week, as she is waiting to put your reading dojos on. Let's finish our first week with a bang! 


New Spellings



Spellings to be tested Thursday 26th November
















Spellings to be tested Thursday 26th November















Anti-Bullying Odd Socks Day!

Please click here for the link to the official song for Anti-Bullying Week this year. Please think about the message of the song and let me know on Dojo. Be careful- it will get stuck in your head! :-) 

Y6 Arithmetic test

Spelling Test

Friday's English

Still image for this video

kn and gn sounds.mp4

Still image for this video

Reading for today- please either read on Bug Club or write a book review for a book that you have read/finished this week. You can create your own format if you want :-)

PE should be today, so please have a go at Mrs Ferry's fitness activity and there are other activities for you to complete, courtesy of Joe Wicks :-)

Thursday 19th November- Today is Big Write day and I can't wait to see what you upload. 


Maths today is focusing on Mental Calculations. Please click here for the video link and you can find the worksheet below. 


Reading- if you defined the vocabulary yesterday, then please answer the comprehension questions. If you did this yesterday, then log on to Bug Club, read a book and answer the questions on there. 

Thursday's Maths worksheet

Thursday's English- Big Write

Still image for this video

You're and your Spelling Blast

Topic learning- The sheets below identify where the different counties are in England. Then, you have to try and find out where the other cities are. 


Once you have done that, can you find out if any of these cities were targeted (or bombed) during WW2? Can you find out which cities were and the reasons for this? You can present your learning in any way that you want. You could record a presentation or create something using IT or use a good old pencil and paper :-) Please upload your learning to Dojo :-) 

Wednesday 18th November- Good morning everyone and I hope that everyone has a great day today :-) I would like to say that myself, Mrs Ferry and Mrs Ledger have been blown away by the amount of learning that has been uploaded to Dojo. Well done to everyone for trying so hard and for completing all the learning tasks. It really is fantastic to see! 


This week is Anti-Bullying week and we will be completing some activities on Friday to do with this. Please click here to watch the video that the rest of the school watched in assembly and as I have said, we will be completing some activities around this on Friday. 


Maths for today is thinking about the order of operations. Please click here to watch the video and the one that you need for today is the Order of Operations. As always, I have a DU/DU+ ready for those of you that complete the sheets and get most of the answers correct :-) 


Reading for today follows the same format as Monday. I have highlighted some vocabulary, so today please make sure that you have the gist of what you have read and define the vocabulary and then answer the questions tomorrow. 

Hello Y6.mp4

Still image for this video
I finally got it to work! :-)

Where and were Spelling Blast

Where and were Spelling Blast

Wednesday's English

Still image for this video
I know that you have been completing some French activities with Mrs Ferry and that you were concentrating on clothing. Please click here to take you to the French games website, focusing on clothing, although please feel free to play any of the French games. 

Topic- Propaganda posters

Still image for this video

Tuesday 17th November- Good morning everyone! I am currently experiencing technical issues, so I apologise that the Maths video today does not have my voice on it. I did record the lesson, but it will not upload so I will try to rectify the issue today so that I can have my voice on the Maths learning tomorrow. 

So for Maths, please click here to follow the link which will take you to the White Rose video- the video you need to watch today is the Square and Cube Numbers video. Let me know if there is a problem.

Reading for today is to answer the questions that follow whichever text you chose to read yesterday. The answers are also on the document, so please have a look at those after you have written your answers. 

The English Powerpoint and sheet is on here, but Mr Plant (who is working in our classroom now) has also recorded a Spelling Blast. Have a listen to the audio and then there is a very quick sheet for you to complete. 

Today would have been PE and so I have uploaded a couple of activities that you could do at home. You can send me a picture via Dojo of you completing these if you want. 

Our other lesson today would have been Science and so I have attached a couple of worksheets for you to have a go at. There is a video to remind you of what the symbols are if you need that. 

So, have a great day everyone and I look forward to seeing what you upload to Dojo :-)

Tuesday's English sheet

Spelling Blast- Their, There, They're

Again, technology is not my friend, so I will upload the Spelling Blast sheet in Dojo! 

Spelling Test- 16-11-20

Week beginning 16th November- I hope that everyone is staying safe and is okay at this time 


Please find below the learning that is uploaded every day. Please send me what you have been doing via Dojo. 


Spellings to be tested Thursday 19th November









Adolf Hitler



Winston Churchill



Nazi party




Spellings to be tested Thursday 19th November

















When you have completed the sheet, please send it me and then I might be able to send you the DU/DU+ 

Monday's Maths

Still image for this video

Monday's maths sheet

Multiply by 10- powerpoint- Monday.mp4

Still image for this video
Monday 16th November- I have uploaded a document for Reading Comprehension. There are three tiers to this activity. The document includes the text, questions and the answers, so please choose which one to complete- DON'T DO ALL THREE PIECES. As our Monday lesson is about vocabulary, I have underlined vocabulary in each text that I would like you to explore. Please choose the text that is right for you. Monday's lesson is to research and define that vocabulary in terms of that text. Tuesday's lesson will be to complete the comprehension questions, so please focus on vocabulary on Monday and then comprehension on Tuesday. Please upload your learning to Dojo :-) 

Monday's English

Still image for this video

Topic learning- Can you research one/or more of these leaders in this time? What would they say to their country? You can present your learning in any way that you like :-)

Monday's learning


In English, we are using the internet to find more effective word choices for adjectives and verbs. Can you identify synonyms and antonyms? 


Friday's learning

Spellings to be tested Thursday 12th November














Allied powers

Axis powers



Spellings to be tested Thursday 12th November















You could also investigate the reason for the start of WW2. Why did it happen? 

Week beginning 5th October


Maths this week is adding and subtracting numbers with at least 4 digits. Please click here for the video link. 


New Spellings


Spellings to be tested Thursday 15th October
















Wednesday Maths- Inverse operations. Make sure you watch the correct video (inverse)

Tuesday (6-10-20) English- Can you use these conjunctions in sentences? 









even though




Today we are writing up our science investigation from last week.

English for today is practising our spellings. Please find them below. 


Spellings to be tested Thursday 8th October
















Week beginning 28th September

Story Idea for Big Write narrative

Transcript: You just received an invitation to be a part of an elite team of spies who are disguised as . . . bird watchers. That's right, bird watchers. Wha...

Big Write grid- This week we are writing a narrative about being a spy. You have a mission and you need to be disguised as something. Will you succeed in your mission?

Week beginning 21st September


For children accessing learning at home, we follow the White Rose sequence. Please click here to take you to the videos that will support your learning this week. Please find the worksheets below. 

Week beginning 14th September


For children accessing learning at home, we follow the White Rose sequence. Please click here to take you to the videos that will support your learning this week. Please find the worksheets below.