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Tuesday Phonics 

Join in with Miss Blore at home x

Tuesday Phonics 20.01.21

Tuesday Phonics Part 2

Help Miss Blore find out what our new sound is this week x

Wednesday Phonics 

Can you remember our new sound from yesterday ? The objects in my sound bag had the same beginning sound it was  i 

Listen to the Incy Wincy rhyme below and see if you can hear the i sound xx



Incy Wincy Spider

Incy Wincy Spider rhyme i sound x

Thursday Phonics / Writing 


Today is all about the writing  smiley  Start by having a go at Squiggling while your Wiggling ! You could use tea towels or small pieces of fabric ( an old towel cut up into squares ) for your flipper flappers laugh



Motor Skills - Squiggle Whilst You Wiggle Part 1

Shonette and the Spread the Happiness Crew demonstrate the first three moves in the Squiggle Whilst You Wiggle teaching method for writing.

21 January 2021

i action and Incy Wincy rhyme

21 January 2021

Sparkle mark for i