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In maths today, we are looking at using the inverse method to work out addition and subtraction problems. Inverse is another word for opposite, so you will be thinking which subtraction problems you could use to check your additions and vice versa. Watch the video if you are struggling and give this a go.

Aut5.5.3 - Inverse operations (addition and subtraction)

This is "Aut5.5.3 - Inverse operations (addition and subtraction)" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love...



Today we have a new text. Read the text and have a go at defining any of the vocabulary choices you may not know. I have selected some words which i think you will find tricky, but please define any other vocabulary which you do not understand.
*Please remember to find a definition and not a synonym - also consider the context of the word*



This week, you will be writing a poem about a loop the loop roller coaster! We are going to be looking at different features and styles used to write a poem. Today, i want you to have a go at highlighting where the key features are in the poem I have provided. We are focusing on 4 main features, so see if you can spot them in the text.