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We are looking at using multiplication this week in maths. We are going to be starting with multiplying 2 digits by 1 digit. Click on this link to get to the video to help you with your maths today. 


We are looking at the features of a diary entry today, and understanding the purpose of parenthesis and how to use it effectively. Follow along the video to see what your task is.

Having problems uploading the version with sound. I'll upload the slides for now and hopefully we can think of a solution in the meantime.



Your topic today comes in 2 parts. The first part is to watch a range of videos on space shuttle launches. This will give you some information about what helps a rocket 'blast off' and how they manage to reach space. Fill in the worksheet labelled 'How rockets work' after the videos.

I then have some pictures for you to compare. You will be looking at the similarities and differences of the design of the rockets, thinking about shape, size, appearance, exterior features etc. 


Space Shuttle videos -



The second part is to use what you know from the first part to create your own sketch of a rocket. I want you to really consider the features you put on it and why you have designed it the way you have. Once you have sketched it, tell me why you created it the way you did.