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Miss Blore's trip to China

Shanghai Maths in Year 3 :) 
Miss Fang taught year 5 how to compare fractions with the same denominator by using the symbol for greater than and less than. 
Day 4 ...... Teaching fractions in year 3 :)

Day 3 of Pearl's visit . Pearl spent some time in Foundation 2 , she was really impressed with the children's counting skills ! Then she observed Mrs Tryner teaching some very difficult Maths with some year 6 children :) 

Day 2 of Pearl's visit ! 

Pearl spent some time in year 3 and year 5 watching Maths being taught UK style ! She loved seeing how hard the Children were working to solve Mathematical problems :) 

Day 1 of Pearl Fang's visit to Farmilo! The staff, Governors and children welcomed Pearl to our school. Mrs Tryner took Pearl on a tour of the school and on entering each classroom our amazing class ambassadors welcomed us, introduced themselves and told Pearl about their topic . All of the teachers are so proud of how confident and well presented the children were :) 

In September 2014 I went to Shanghai as part of the England - China Teacher Exchange Project led by the Department for Education. Whilst I was there I observed lots of excellent Maths teaching and made lots of new friends . At Farmilo we are lucky enough to be paired with a school in Shanghai called "Fushan Foreign Languages Primary School". There are 4,400 students and 280 qualified teachers ..... It's a very big school !! 

A teacher from Shanghai , Pearl Fang is currently in the UK and will be spending 3 weeks at Farmilo teaching in Year 3 and Year 5 .