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Tuesday Maths 

Teddy's Tea Party /Picnic 

You Will Need ...

Teddy Bears or any soft toys/character figures you have at home

a blanket ( for a picnic blanket)

Set of plates, cups, knives and forks, napkins 


Set up the picnic/tea party and ask your child/children to hand out the plates and cups to the toys.

Use opportunities to model Mathematical Language such as " I can see you giving each toy 1 plate each.. " 


Encourage the children to vocalise what they are doing in their play ..

  • You have given each bear a cup. What are you going to do next?
  • How many cups do you need ? How do you know ?
  • Are there enough knives for all the toys ? How many do we need so that it is fair and they have 1 each? How can we find this out ?
  • Can another toy join the party/picnic ? What will you need to do ? How many more things will you need if 2 or 3 more toys join in ? How can we find out ?


Wednesday Maths 

See what happens when Poppy Puppy has a go at counting .... 

After you have watched the video have a go at counting some objects at home xx

20 January 2021

Miss Blore counting with Poppy and Lola x

Thursday Maths 

To start with practice the 5 little ducks Rhyme x

Then watch Miss Blore and join in with some counting with the counting jar and the 5 frame smiley

Five Little Ducks | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs

Download/Stream Five Little Ducks ► the Super Simple App! ► of our fav...

Counting Jar

Help Miss Blore to count the objects one by one x

Friday Maths   

More Counting ...... 

Counting Objects | Learn to Count | Count to 5 | Run Play Have Fun

This video is about Counting Objects.