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3D Shapes Song for Kids | Learn about 3D shapes | Jack Hartmann

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Short or long song, ordering objects by length

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Maths Challenge for Friday 22.01.21

Today we are looking at length!

Here are a few challenges we would love you to complete, you can do 1 or more of them:


- Can you use play dough to make some snakes? Can you make a long snake, a shorter snake and 2 that are the same size? Can you make lots of snakes and put them in order from longest to shortest?


- Can you find the longest room in your house by seeing which one takes you the most steps to walk through?


-Can you build a tower taller than you?


-Can you find our which is longer in your house, a table or a window?


We would love to see pictures on Tapestry of you completing these challenges :)