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Count to 10 | Counting Song for Kids | Pancake Manor

Zach and Reggie count to 10. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10! Sing and count along with this original numbers song for kids from Pancake Manor!Song © 2013 Pancake Manor...

Tuesday Maths

Shape and Space activity x

Wednesday Maths 

Box Modelling 


Can you make a house for the bed to go in from yesterdays session ?

Parent tips ....

Whilst making this try to use and model the Language of Shape and Space, 

EG shape , box, in, on, inside, under, straight, curved, side, corner, triangle, square, circle, 


Practice reciting the number names to 10 

Parent tips .... 

Make sure you model how to say each of the number names clearly and slowly

Look out for the following common difficulties children may experience and try to address them


  • Not separating the number names eg " Onetwothreefour .... " as if one long word  
  • Missing out number names eg "one, two, three, five "
  • Repeating number names eg " one, one, two, three
  • Using correct number names but in the wrong order eg "one, two, three, five, four 


Have fun x

Thursday Maths 


Discuss the shape power point with your grown up xx