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Magical Story Box

This weeks Magical Storybox was by our lovely Mrs Hickling and the red bus children :) 

Share this with your adults and talk about what is means to own a pet. Have you got a pet or pets at home? If you have what do you have to do to look after them ? Do you take them for a walk or do they live in a tank that needs to be cleaned ? What do they eat? Do you have to wash or brush them ? having a pet is a great responsibility just like Mrs Hickling says xx


Listen to the next part of our story " Bog Baby " Last time we read, the little girls had walked through the woods to the magic pond to do some fishing. Whilst there, they caught a Bog Baby.

In today's read the girls take him home and hide him in the shed. They make a beautiful home for him with all the things they think he might need. 


This week for our Topic Learning , can you make a Bog baby and a little house for him ? 

Think carefully about what he will need to be safe and comfortable xx


Miss Blore 




This week's Magical Storybox