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This is our learning from home page. Everyday, Mrs.Ferry and I will share a suggested learning activity which we feel you can do, in some way, at home. Over the coming days, we hope you will be able to upload/contribute that work via ClassDojo so that we can see and share your learning and give you feedback on it.

The packs we sent home are there as additional things you may do at home. Remember, PE with Joe Wicks at 9am on Youtube every morning (here).

Friday 3rd April

Good morning Year 6. This fantastic little round-up of strange news is an interesting watch - don't go making any obstacle courses without checking with anybody at home!


Suggested Activities

For the last two weeks, lots of you have been taking part in Joe Wicks' fitness your challenge today is exactly on that theme. Pick a song, go back through some of Joe's and design your own 3 minute workout! You can film it or just send us a write-up of the song and what exercises to do as a series of fitness instructions! 


Today we have Maths word problems to revise your calculation skills here and some revision of everybody's favourite - Commas - here.


5 Minute Move | Kids Workout 1 | The Body Coach TV

Here's an example to help you!

Thursday 2nd April

There were so amazing news stories shared yesterday so Mrs.Ferry and I wanted to share a good news story with you:

News for 2nd April.mp3

Your learning at home challenge

It’s time to do some online shopping today. Mrs.Ferry and I would like you to price up and recommend a shopping list of books for the book corner…but, you guessed it, there are a few rules:

You must spend between £45.00 and £50.00, not £44.99, not £50.01! Mrs.Ferry insists on this.

You need to give a reason behind each choice – why should we buy that book?

You must be buying a minimum of 6 books to total the £45-£50 spend (there is no maximum, just don’t go over £50 and don’t suggest 6 copies of the same book!!)

It can be books you’ve not read but want to read, books you’ve read and want to recommend or a mix of the two!

Present to us the fully-costed shopping list complete with title, cost, reason and the final total bill e.g:

Gangsta Granny, David Walliams, Amazon, £4 – it’s a hilarious story about a grandson and his grandmother and how they bond over the most daring adventure imaginable.

You can use BooksforTopics as a starting point to inspire you.


We will read every list and keep your recommendations and use them to help us restock the book corner so this is really an extra act of kindness, helping other children at Farmilo with some fab recommendations.


Because this incorporates Maths, we are just sharing a SPAG task today which is around transforming words including suffixes and prefixes and synonyms and antonyms. You can access it here.

Wednesday 1st April

It's April Fool's Day today and, normally, there would be stories from different news outlets trying to catch you out with the funniest news around the world. So today, read about the origins of April Fool's Day here.


Your learning at home challenge

And then it's over to you...we'd like YOU to invent the funniest new story around the world and write us a short news article about it. The funnier the better. Here's a few examples of how the news caught us out:

Newsround's New Presenter

A roundup of April Fool's News

You can present it as a frontpage, as a radio news bulletin, as a TV news bulletin...but what crazy story can you come up with to make us all laugh and smile today?


As well as this, we've got today's Grammar and Maths which we've put together.

Remember, these can be instead of the booklets we sent home unless you choose to do all as a family. 

Tuesday 31st March

Well we hope you enjoyed assembly yesterday! Today’s good news to start the day is here. I know this is something lots of you have been interested in going right back to our Mansfield topic and conversations you had with Ben Bradley and The Mayor.


Your learning at home challenge

Today, it’s an imaginative food challenge – we would like you to create the ULTIMATE sandwich. As far as rules go…there aren’t many…it can be creative…because maybe you want to combine bacon and maple syrup or perhaps you’re going for a sweet option and it’s going to be a layer of chocolate brownie, with hundreds and thousands and blueberry sauce? The challenge is this; Draw it, write the recipe and give us a sensory description of it…taste, texture, smell and appearance (unless it also makes a noise!).


It could also be for a purpose – or on a theme. Perhaps a Spanish themed sandwich with Chorizo and Manchego cheese for instance. Use your wonderful imaginations and who knows, maybe we will get chance to actually make and sample one or two later in the year?!?


Also, as we mentioned yesterday, we have now setup access to one of the websites we have used in class this year. This means that some of the skills we have been working on in Maths, Reading and SPAG can now all be accessed at home. You will be able to see each question and the answers are provided for you but, if you want to show US your answers, you will either need to print them off or write them out; you can then add a photo of this to your portfolio on Dojo or you can just add a little Dojo journal entry telling us about it.

Today, as an introduction to this, we have set some punctuation practice up here. From tomorrow, there will be Maths and English. As with all the learning, these are suggestions for you to work on.

Monday 30th March

Good Morning Year 6! I hope you all had nice weekends and had time to relax with your families. Newsround bring us a roundup of some good news this morning - I especially like the zookeeper.

Don't forget assembly is at 10am over on our new YouTube channel! 

Your learning at home challenge

Firstly, if you filmed or recorded you stand-up gigs or family quizzes over the weekend, do upload those for us to share and celebrate. One pupil gave Mrs.Ferry and I a music quiz on Friday and we did TERRIBLY...we shall get our revision guides out and work on it.


Today, I'd like you to find out the details and create the ultimate school trip for Year 6.

Where would we go?

What would we do?

WHY should we go?

Can you calculate the ticket price for entry?

How long does it take to get there?

What sort of things would we see/do there?

You might present it as a poster, write Mrs.Ferry and I a letter, make up a leaflet about it, create a 'pitch' like you did for Ben Bradley and The can be anywhere you think we should go, it does not have to link to topic could be can be a residential, if you like.

Here is a good website to help you get started: UK School Trips


Finally, starting tomorrow, I am going to be able to share with you some Maths/English learning from Testbase. That means you can revise the things we have been working on in class, as we would have done IN class, from will be able to do the working out and answers on paper and then upload a photo of your work or write me a little summary of what you did. I am hoping that will be helpful because you all had made so much progress and we want to keep that up.

Friday 27th March

Good Morning Year 6! I'm sure lots of you will have heard or joined in with today's good news but - if you missed it - check out the Clap for Carers last night. We are so lucky to have so many amazing people, including lots of relatives and family friends of people in our class and school, doing such wonderful work. A big thank you from Mrs.Ferry and I.

Your learning at home challenge

As well as working on your booklets that we sent home, I am going to let you choose between 2 tasks today. You can choose to do just one of them or both:

Stand up Challenge!

It has been an unusual week and I know both you and your families are working incredibly hard so my first challenge is perhaps a bit unusual but hopefully a bit of fun to end the week...


"Why couldn't the athlete listen to her songs? Because she had just broken her record."


I would like you to have a go at putting on a mini comedy stand-up gig for your family; can you learn some jokes (and think about how you deliver're great performers after all...think about your timing, your expression...drawing your audience in before hitting them with the punch line). You may have joke books at home which you can memorise jokes from but there's also lots of children's jokes here and maybe you can write some of your've heard plenty of my bad ones! Yes you can film your performance as well! 

Family Quiz!

As well (or instead) as that, our other challenge is another one to help you entertain your family this weekend. We would like you to come up with a family quiz. 10 questions (or more if you're feeling a bit mean) to test the rest of your family! It can be questions about one of our topics, about word classes (do your family know what a relative pronoun is?), about maths or it could be general knowledge. You can upload your questions and answers into Dojo, or a video...OR you can upload just the questions and I'll have a go as well (be kind!!). Feel free to send things in today or on Monday after you've quizzed and performed. Turn it into a TV show if you like...however it works best for you and your families.


But above all else, enjoy today and enjoy the weekend - for lots of you this will have been a very different week and Mrs.Ferry and I are very grateful for all the help, support and encouragement we have seen you all getting on Dojo.

Thursday 26th March

Morning Year 6! Well this morning's good news starts much closer to home - I know lots of you asked about Oscar (my Oscar!) when we were in school so today's good news is that yesterday he started smiling :-) I've popped a photo on our Dojo wall. I hope it won't be long before you all get to finally meet him in person.


Your learning at home challenge

Now yesterday lots of you posted terrific pieces of artwork (and other busy science, maths, blogs!) that you had been up to. Mrs.Ferry and I are adding comments to all your learning...we hope they are showing up for you to see our replies to you. Otherwise it's just Mrs.Ferry and I madly chatting away to each other on ClassDojo...!!


Today's learning activity is in 2 parts - today would normally be Big Write day afterall - SO...your challenge is along those lines: Can you create your very own, new, superhero - give them some superpowers, an enemy, an ultimate weakness...somebody or someTHING they need to save. Then I'd like you to create an 8-part comic strip telling their debut story. Now, there are some fab apps you can use to achieve this digitally including Book Creator (which is free at the minute), you can upload a photo from good old pen and paper OR you can write a full story into Dojo, minus the pictures. Let characters like Wonderwoman, Batman, The Incredibles, Thor (or my favourite, Ironman) all inspire you. I'm adding a video tutorial which you may find helpful.

How To Draw Cartoon Superman

Wednesday 25th March

Good morning Year 6. I am in school today so I will be looking at Dojo throughout the day as I can and am looking forward to seeing your learning from home.


For starters, let’s have some good news to begin our Wednesday (here)...before Spotify and iPhones, this was one of the ways we stored music! But I’m not sure if you lost your iPhone and your Spotify playlist to the ocean, it would play 2 or 3 decades later!


Your learning at home challenge

For today’s learning, I’d like to suggest you make the most of the gorgeous, warm(ish!!) weather we’ve got forecast, by doing some outdoor-themed artwork. You can draw directly into Dojo, download a free painting app, work with colours and materials you’ve got at home or go super-creative (as we are doing at school too, today) and make a picture using the nature you find around you using nature or perhaps chalk (check out number three -just don’t dig up your parents’ flowers!)

Here are a few famous examples: One, Two, Three


As well as this, today I’d like to challenge you to see what the quickest time you can achieve is on TopMarks Dailly 10 using Level 5 - Partitioning - Up to 0.999. Can you get 10/10 in 3 Seconds? Or 5 Seconds?


I’ve noticed lots of people using TimesTable Rocks and I’ve begun to add your certificates to your portfolios on Dojo, as you achieve different Rockstar Levels! Well done and have a good day.



Tuesday 24th March

Let's start the day with a funny news story (here) about that for an unusual wedding guest? Although I am sure Mr.Robinson would approve that at least it was wearing a Tuxedo!


Your learning at home challenge

Now, don't forget that as well as the challenge set below, you also have your Maths and English booklets to use everyday. You can use your Dojo portfolio to show Mrs.Ferry and I if you have completed any learning in those; if you haven't already, do have a go at the 'Noises in the Darkness' task from Arlo the Author.


Today's activity, which you can complete within Dojo if you've set your portfolio up, is to find out between 5 and 10 facts about a country of your choice around the world. Things you could tell us include: how to say hello and goodbye, how many people live there, what the climate is like, some interesting things to do there, how long it takes to fly there...or some more unusual, interesting things we might never otherwise have known! 


Here are some websites which may help you to start with:



National Geographic

Monday 23rd March

Firstly, here's a good news story to enjoy today is (here). We wonder if any of them got travel sick on the way there? And what they bought in the gift shop!


Your learning at home challenge


This is a YouTube video of a popular boat ride in DisneyWorld called The Three Caballeros and it tells the story of the history of Mexico.'s a great ride but I know you could come up with something more thrilling and still tell the story of something to do with Mexico, which I know we all enjoyed. So today's challenge is this; can you design a new theme park attraction about Mexico? It could be a poster, a map of the track, a series of little pictures as a storyboard, a written description of may wish to make it with Lego/KNex, or even design it virtually but there is no need to go to special lengths to do that. Mrs.Ferry and I will look forward to seeing pictures and hearing about your descriptions of what happens on your rides! 

Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros at Walt Disney World's Epcot