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June 2021 onwards- ID

Monday 19th July- Today in school, we have discussed puberty and have decided on the songs for the Leaver's Service :-) If you are at home today, I would like you to write down some memories about your time at Farmilo and then send them to me so that I can include them in the Leaver's Service :-) 


Also, this afternoon is Gold afternoon so if you have achieved your Gold, please send me some pictures of you enjoying yourself and making the most of the sunshine :-) 

Friday 16th July- Maths, please follow the link below to an arithmetic paper. English and French sheets can be found below. Today is also PE, so please get outside in the sunshine :-)

French- Please identify each type of shop and then find out what it is called in French.

Thursday 15th July- Please complete the other sheets in the Maths booklet and complete the Reading test from yesterday.

Wednesday 14th July- In school today, we are doing some different assessments. The maths and reading learning today is rather large, so please do half of it today and half tomorrow.

Tuesday 13th July- Today is also PE day- try to get some exercise :-) For the traffic survey, just look out the window :-)

Friday 9th July- Part B in Reading- follow the link from yesterday for the extract. I know you can't go out, but maybe you could look out the window for the traffic survey

Thursday 8th July- Welcome to online learning for today :-) Here we are again! I am also uploading learning onto Dojo for you to complete via the portfolio. Please try to do as much as you can :-) 


Reading- please follow the link today and then complete the comprehension sheet

Maths- Calculating ratio

This is "Spr6.10.5 - Calculating ratio" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


Wednesday 7th July


Please access Bug Club for Reading.

English- Use the website below to think of your own story idea, then plan it out

For Reading, please access Bug Club- let me know if you don't have a log in. 


Today is also our tennis lesson, so please get outside and go for a walk or practise your bat and ball skills :-) 

For Reading, please access Bug Club- let me know if you don't have a log in. We are finishing our DARE reports today too.

We are also completing some computing activities today- can you master a new skill?

Today (Thursday) we also wrote our DARE report, including relative clauses, adverbials and non-finites. We also included brackets, dashes, commas and semi-colons. 


We also completed our eye study and then drew another body part. Can you do this? 

PE is today, so please find a yoga activity to do. 


DARE is also today- please complete lesson 10 in your DARE book. 

PE is today- if you can watch Wimbledon and look at the technique. Also, you could do some Joe Wicks or get outside for a walk :-) 


Please practise your handwriting 

RE- Research Jerusalem and pilgrimage before completing the sheet

Monday 28th June

Topic- How to Draw a Human Eye (step by step)

Learn how to draw an eye realistically. See how to use tone and line to create a great tonal drawing of the eye. In this art tutorial, created using a Nikon ...