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Hello Yellow and Blue Group!


Please see below for some activities you can complete at home during this time of home schooling if you would like to. Remember to have lots of fun at home with your family. See you all very soon smiley


Mrs Lunn, Mrs Williams, Mrs Robinson & Mrs Oakden




How to Make Play Dough - Easy No Cook Recipe! | Sea Lemon

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Dough Disco basic moves

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Wheels on the bus

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Pat a Cake

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Week 1


Monday - Make a kite and fly it on a windy day.

Tuesday - Go on a minibeast hunt. What creatures can you see?

Wednesday - Make a sock puppet. Tell a story with your sock puppet.

Thursday - Go on a listening walk around your home. What sounds can you hear?

Friday - If you can, take photos of your house and who or what is in it.



Week 2


Monday - Play I spy

Tuesday - Open you windows and sing your favourite nursery songs

Wednesday - Colour in a picture and try to stay in the lines

Thursday - Have an indoor picnic with your teddies; make sandwiches to eat  

Friday - Make ice-lollies using cordial and water



Easter Holidays Project


Our topic next term is 'Handa's Surprise' so please share the book at home if you have it or view it on Youtube here


Here are some activities you can do at home related to the book:-

  • Taste 2 or 3 of the different fruits from the story. How do they taste? Did you like the fruit? Make a smoothie with different fruits.
  •  Talk about the animals in the story. What do they look like? Compare them. What do you think they eat? What would their babies look like?
  •  Together make a map of Handa's journey. Draw a path and the animals she meets on the way.
  • Together retell the story in your own words.


Have a great Easter if you can and eat lots of chocolate!



Week 5 


Monday - Make a band from kitchen pots and pans

Tuesday - Draw some flowers or what is in your fruit bowl

Wednesday - Have a treasure hunt

Thursday - Do the Hockey Cockey

Friday - Dress up in adults clothes and shoes  

Week 6


Monday - Make cards for everyone at home

Tuesday -Get some bed sheets to flap and pretend they are waves to jump in

Wednesday - Use material or cardboard to make a mermaid or merman's tail

Thursday - Make a camp in your bed

Friday - Make a dark den and use your torch



Week 7


Monday - Role play supermarkets using tins out of the cupboard and purchase for 1p coins

Tuesday - Collect natural objects and make a collage

Wednesday - On your daily walk count the different colours of cars

Thursday - VE Day flags and banners an hats ready for party on Friday

Friday - VE Day  - make cakes or rice crispy buns to eat in the garden

Week 8


Monday - Learn a new rhyme or poem

Tuesday - Make a car/vehicle out of junk and recycled boxes

Wednesday - Colour in a colouring book or a picture

Thursday - Make paper aeroplanes

Friday - Join in with a yoga class on Cosmic Kids Youtube

Week 9


Monday - Make a junk model boat to float in a bowl or sink of water

Tuesday - Use a squeezy bottle to have a water fight in the garden 

Wednesday - Draw a picture of a flower or tree in your garden

Thursday - Count the flowers on one plant or bush outside

Friday - Make a circuit course in your garden.. 5 star jumps, 10 sprint, arm lifts etc


Week 10


Monday - Make a shadow puppet and make up a show

Tuesday - Play dominoes

Wednesday - Blow a balloon up and play keeping it up in the air

Thursday - Make a number banner for the wall 0-10

Friday - Blow bubbles into the air and try to pop them by clapping your hands over them



Week 11


Monday - Learn a dance e.g. baby shark, hokey cokey, knees up mother brown etc 

Tuesday - Vacuum and clean your home.

Wednesday - Make up a fitness routine and let your family copy you.

Thursday - Play a board game.

Friday - Learn the days of the week. Say out loud or sing the song.




Week 12


Monday - Read Goldilocks and the 3 bears story

Tuesday - Make porridge and eat. Add jam / sugar / nutella to see how it changes

Wednesday - Draw Goldilocks house or make a shoe box house with the 3 chairs and 3 beds of different sizes

Thursday - Have a walk in a wooded area. Look around you what can you see?

Friday - Count and order 3 different sized objects e.g. balls, fruit, shoes 

Week 13


Monday - Sing and dance in the shower

Tuesday - Write happy notes and leave all around the house

Wednesday - Roll balls down the stairs

Thursday - Play superheros with a cape

Friday - Eat cereal with a very large spoon

Week 14


Monday - Read the Cinderella fairy story 

Tuesday -  Clean and tidy your bedroom like Cinderella

Wednesday - Make up your own magic spell like the Fairy Godmother 

Thursday - Dress up and dance to music like you are at Cinderella's ball

Friday - Try on Mummy and Daddy's shoes. Do they fit?

Week 15


Monday - Use a sheet as a parachute hide under it and play parachute games

Tuesday - Make some binoculars with toilet rolls and look for birds outside. How many did you see?

Wednesday - Make a scrap book of your favourite things

Thursday - Have an ice cream party. Make invitations for your family.

Friday - Sing your favourite nursery rhymes in the car or on a walk.






Week 16


Monday - Freeze little toys in water and rescue them using warm water

Tuesday - Learn a magic trick

Wednesday - Write and send a card to someone special

Thursday - Play dominoes and count the spots on a domino

Friday - Make your own pizza and eat it