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Gareth - Patron of Reading


Welcome to a special section of our website, helping us to share and celebrate reading with Gareth Baker, out Patron of Reading.

Gareth has a very important role in our school and we know lots of you enjoy his fantastic visits. Gareth is a children's author who visits our school every half-term to share exciting, energetic reading opportunities. He shares stories and helps us to build exciting avdentures.

Week beginning Monday 18th May

Key Stage 2

This week, it's Key Stage 2's turn to work with Gareth on their English.

You can watch all of Gareth's video (below) or you can skip to the story for the start of the activity after you've watched the full video, here.

After you've watched the video, each day's activity is set below, from Mr.Newman.

Week 4 PoR Bulletin Farmilo KS2

This week Gareth shares his news and his book Brackenbelly and the Beast of Hogg-Bottom Farm.

Thursday's Learning - Writing your dream or nightmare story.

And below you can view today's lesson input.

Wednesday's Lesson

And here you can view the input for Tuesday's lesson. Over the next 3 days, we will be planning and writing a dream story. 

Tuesday's Lesson

And here is Monday's activity, linked to Gareth's video, from Mr.Newman.

Mon 18th - Writing a future diary

In today's lesson, inspired by Gareth's story, we will be writing a diary entry for a future version of ourselves having accomplished a dream or goal.

Farmilo KS2 PoR Weekly Bulletin Week 3

....the teachers' attempts at Gareth's Sing the Story

Wb 4th May - Key Stage 2 learning

Wb 4th May - Key Stage 2 learning 1

Gareth's Key Stage 2 English Activities

KS2 Activity Sheets for Gareth's Learning

Gareth's Patron of Reading Activities - Week 1

Welcome to the first of many weekly videos from our Patron of Reading, Gareth Baker. Gareth is going to share some stories and activities for you to do at home.

Farmilo PoR KS1 week 2

Next week, Gareth will be sharing a story and activities for EYFS and Key Stage 1.

Then, on Tues 5th May, it will be the turn of Key Stage 2.