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Hello and Welcome to Farmilo Foundation Stage 2!

. On this page you will find a link for remote learning, this will take you to a page for each week containing the list of activities for that week. These activities will include phonics, number, creative and lots of other fun learning experiences for you to share with your child.

We understand that there may be lots to juggle and it can feel quite daunting to take on learning at home but we have every confidence that the little Red Buses and Green Trains will love completing these activities with you as their guide. The tasks are designed to support the children in all areas of the curriculum and we ask that you complete them all as best you can over the 5 days. If you need any help or advice feel free to drop the teachers an e-mail.

If your children are in school, please see this link for the letter about recorded lesson inputs:



January 2021 


We hope that all of our families are safe and well and have managed to have a rest and some family time over the holidays 


The new term looks a little different for all of us at Farmilo. As you will be aware we have made the difficult decision to reduce our capacity to support the safety of our children and staff.


This does not mean that the children who at home are not part of our classes any more and we will be setting tasks in all of the areas of  learning from the Early Years Curriculum.

You will find details of this on the Green Trains and Red Buses pages. There are already many clips and videos on here that you can use with your children and we also have our own You Tube channel so take a look.




Last term we introduced Tapestry which is an online portal for staff to communicate with parents about what the children are doing in School and Nursery. The response we received from you so far has been amazing with many of you uploading your own posts, videos and photos and commenting on the observations made by staff.  Please use this to share 2 activities you have completed each week. This does not need to be a video or photos it can just be a quick comment to let us know how the tasks have been , however all photos and videos welcome too !



If you have still not activated your Tapestry account or have any difficulties with any of the above please contact your child's class teacher and they will be happy to support you. 


Stay safe and well and lets hope that this situation is soon rectified 


Miss Blore xx

Photos of some of our lovely learning activities

Mrs H's reading tips 📚

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Red Bus Classroom

Miss Brown's tour of the new Green Train Classroom

So because Green Trains have got to be in their own bubble we have now got a brand new classroom! I can't wait for it to be filled with all your lovely faces!

September 2020

Please find below our presentation video - usually this would be done during a transition meeting. It has lots of information about starting in September. Part 1 is a general introduction to Foundation 2 whilst the two part 2s are individual for each class and are presented by the class teacher. These are for parents so you can feel confident about your child starting school.

Farmilo F2 Transition Presentation part 1/3

This is our transition presentation! We would normally be having a meeting to share this information with you but we hope these videos answer lots of questio...

Farmilo F2 Transition Presentation part 2 Red Buses

This is our transition presentation! We would normally be having a meeting to share this information with you but we hope these videos answer lots of questio...

Farmilo F2 Transition Presentation part 2 Green Trains

Here are the presentation slide for the transition meeting:

Welcome to Farmilo Foundation Stage

This is our virtual tour where you can see all the areas of our classroom and meet all our lovely staff!

Please find below copies of useful e-mails and letters with important information and dates on for transition:

A lovely story about starting school to help children understand how it will work