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We have an arithmetic test for you to have a go at today. Try and stick to the time limit of only half an hour when you attempt this test.



We have our inference activity today. Have a go at answering these questions using the text to support your reasoning. You will need to use your own ideas to explain your thoughts too.



For your RE task today- We are looking at how Christian charities are supporting poverty.  

For your task I would like you to watch through the PowerPoint and read through all the facts, then I would like you to research some more information and investigate what else Christian charities are doing to help the poor, there are some links provided for great websites with lots of information on. Fill in the worksheet with all your research and points or create your own list of facts you’ve found😊 

Home page - CAFOD 

About us - Christian Aid 



Send a cow « RE:start 

The Desmond Tutu Peace Centre | Building a Home for Peace 

Viva - Together for Children 

WaterAid - water and sanitation for all - UK site 


RE Powerpoint 16.07.21.mp4

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For French today- I would like you to research all about France and fill in the worksheet provided. You will need to research facts about a famous landmark, the currency (what their money is called), population (how many people live there), the capital city, someone famous who lives in France and the surrounding countries. Please do lots of research and write in full sentences. Enjoy😊