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Foundation Stage

Welcome to the Foundation Stage!



We will be using this page to display photographs of learning and activities which take place during our sessions. You will also find links to websites which you might find useful.  We hope you will enjoy viewing this page.


 Please remember if you would like to help out in the unit please speak to a member of staff.


We look forward to spending time with you all!

Miss Pedersen, Miss Blore, Mrs Oakden, Mrs Wheatley & Mrs Robinson





Summer 2


Once Upon a Time


This half term our topic is called Once Upon a Time. Our learning will focus on traditional tales and all our areas of learning will link to the stories. 

Dress up and Dance! Raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support!

Foundation Stage 1 'Garden Party' 11.06.2015

Getting the crispy cakes ready for our 'Garden Party'!

F2's visit to the library





 Summer 1


Mister Maker


This half term our topic is all about colours, pattern, shape and lots more!



Grandparents Day Thursday 21st May 2015 (afternoon)

Wow! We have been busy creating repeating patterns in Green Group!

We have been on a shape hunt! Look what we found!

We are Blue Group, we are enjoying sorting colours!

We are mixing colours. We are using primary colours to make secondary colours.

We are using colours in our busy jobs.

This is our child led play. We are having fun and learning lots through our play and exploration.





Spring 1


Our topic this half term is 'Winter Wonderland'.


In this topic we will be learning all about winter weather, winter clothing, animals and hibernation, listening to winter stories and doing lots of fun learning that you will be able to see photographs of on this page!



What does ice feel like? What happens to ice? Where does it go?

Mr Jack Frost has visited our school and left frost and ice behind!

Look at the snowflakes we have made!

We have made fur trees, penguins, snowmen and snowflakes to create a winter scene!

Today it has been snowing! We have played outside in the snow, thrown snowballs and made snowmen with carrot noses!


Let's talk about the snow - What does it look like? How does it feel? How does it make you feel?


Samuel 'it made me feel cold'


Ruby 'it's white and soft'


Courtney 'it feels wet'


Brooklyn 'it's water'


Tyler 'I built a snowman with the snow'


Erin 'it made me feel happy because I built a snowman'


Kaleb 'snow goes sludgey'


Isaac ' it's like slush'




Healthy Schools Day 06.02.15 Food Tasting






In Autumn 2 we had themed weeks as our topic:


Week 1 Bonfire Night and Guy Fawkes

Week 2 Autumn

Week 3 Shape, Space and Measures 

Week 4&5 Assessments

Week 6&7 Christmas



Week 1 - We have been busy creating firework and bonfire pictures on the iPads.

Week 2 - Our Autumn Walk

Children in Need 2014 - PJ's/ onesie day

Week 3 Shape, Space and Measures Week


Monday - Shape 2D and 3D

Wednesday - Height

Wednesday - Capacity

Thursday - Weight

Thursday - Measuring outside

Look at my writing and drawing!

Foundation Stage 1 Christmas Party

Foundation Stage 2 Christmas Party








Our topic for Autumn 1 is


Why do you love me so much?


We will be learning all about ourselves and our families.

Our Senses - Smell

Our Senses - taste

Vegetable Printing

Fun in the Rain

Maths in the Foundation Stage