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Daily learning activities

EASTER CHALLENGE! We have created a home learning bingo about our new topic ' The Scented Garden'. We have also put together an Easter pack of fun activities you can do around celebrating Easter. Remember to put your work onto your Dojo portfolio so we can see what you have done!

Friday 3rd April - Today you will be reflecting on our topic of Towers, Tunnels and Turrets!

2.4.20 - Maths task. Can you find 1/3 of the numbers using the bar method?

1.4.2020 - Spelling task. Today the suffix is 'ness'. Can you complete the table and use 'ness' words in a sentence?

Tuesday 31st March - Can you research the different jobs in a castle?

30.3.2020 - Maths Challenge! Using the bar method, can you find one half of the numbers? Watch the tutorial on our Farmilo Youtube channel to help you with using the bar method!

27.3.2020 - English Activity - Can you describe Rapunzel? Think about what she looks like, what she is like as a character. Don't forget to use your exciting and powerful adjectives!

26.3.20 - Maths challenge - can you use a range of resources to show different multiplication sentences? The sun is shining today so you might choose to complete this activity with natural resources in your garden! Below I have also included two links to fun multiplication games...enjoy!

25.3.20 -Spelling task: This week, our spelling looks at the suffix ' + less '.

24.3.20 - English Activity - Can you write a setting description? Watch the clip below to help with your writing!

Disney Tangled Flynn goes in the tower

Watch this small clip that features Rapunzel's towers to help with your writing today. Think about what you see inside and outside the castle. Use your senses to help describe the setting.

23.3.2020 - Maths : Adding ten from any number