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Daily Activity

Easter Project:



Our next topic (Blue Abyss) also has a focus on pollution in the sea. I want you to research pollution to find out what it is, and then see if you can invent your own machine/device which could be used clear pollution out of the oceans.

You could draw a sketch of your design and then write some information about what it does and how it eliminates pollution in the sea.


You could also create a fact file book about 3-5 animals which live in the ocean. Find out interesting facts about the different creatures and what parts of the ocean they live at. After that, using any household items you can find, try and create a 3D version.

Here are some ideas of craft projects for ocean creatures. - Ocean in an eggshell

- lots of ideas on Pinterest


Friday 3rd April:


Recently, JK Rowling made a website which allows people to access her films and activities related to her films. This website link is


I would like you to check out this website at some point today, and pick an activity to complete. This could be drawing your own niffler, reading an article, completing a quiz or puzzle and many more. You will need to make an account i believe, but it should be free for all of the resources on there.


Have a great Friday! Enjoy the Easter Holidays and your 2 weeks off and i will speak to you all after the break.

Jeudi 2 Avril:


Myself and Mrs Potts have decided this is going to be a french themed activity. What we want you to do today, is to watch a french film! You could find a french film on Netflix or on Youtube. We have a couple of videos/films for you to watch - 'A Monster in Patis', 'The Red Balloon', 'Tintin and the Lake of Sharks'. Choose one of these videos and wave a watch. We would also like you to make a list of all the words you recognise throughout the film, which you have learnt in class.

All of the films above should all be suitable for 9 and under.

Send lists of words you recognise into dojo so i can see throughout the day.

Wednesday 1st April:


Mrs Winterton’s arty-darty challenge! Draw what you can see from your bedroom using any media you like - pencil, pen, chalk, cold black tea, food colouring, felt tips, paint, take your pick! The sky must have a rainbow somewhere in it. I can’t wait to see how creative you all get

Tuesday 31st March:


I want to see how fast everyone is with their times tables today! You all have a log in for the new times tables website we have bought into, this is called Times Tables Rockstars.

I want to see how fast your times tables have become. Play around in the Studio to see how fast you can set your speed at. You will have to play 10 times to get a general speed score so make sure you play all 10! 

Challenge some of your friends, in the Rockslam section of the website. See if they can beat the score you set them. 

Once you have played lots of games, why not hit the store and buy some new items for your avatars? The only way to earn more cash is to play ad get lots of questions right. I look forward to seeing your stats on the website.

Finally, have a look at tournaments. The Year 4s will be competing against the Year 6s to see who are the fastest times tables class in the school. Make sure you participate to help our class win!!!

Monday 30th March:


Today, I want you to do some writing. This half term, we have focused on Harry Potter and potions. What I would like you to do is write a letter to Professor Dumbledore, persuading him to let you in to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He will need a lot of persuading, so make sure you include superlatives, conditional sentences (if, then), comparative verbs and anything else that would encourage Dumbledore to let you in. 

He will want to know why you think you should be allowed in, so make sure you make yourself sound amazing, and like the best witch/wizard he will have ever seen! I will be setting the task on ClassDojo, so please use the portfolio there to submit your writing. 

Happy Monday 😎

Friday 27th March:


Let's mix it up today! You've done a lot of art and creative activities, so today I want you to focus on an active activity. Every morning at 9AM, Joe Wicks does a daily workout for 30 minutes. What I would like you to do today is to create your own 10/15 minute workout which you could teach others. This may include a range of different workouts, movements, stretches etc. You could write them down on a piece of paper, what actions you would be doing and for how long, or you could record yourself doing them - up to you!

Have fun and have a great Friday 😁

Thursday 26th March


Today, i would like you to try and so some science. We looked a lot at changing states at school, so that's going to be the theme for this activity. Find some chocolate in the house, ideally chocolate buttons but i appreciate people wont have them. Take a small chunk of the chocolate. You are going to see how long the chocolate takes to melt from a solid into a liquid by just using the palm of your hand. Make a prediction before you try it. 
After that, place the chocolate chunk in the palm of your hand and leave it there to melt. Eat the melted chocolate at the end and write a conclusion. 

Wednesday 25th March:


Keeping on the theme of Harry Potter, at Hogwarts, all of the children are assigned a house to be a part of. For today's task, I want you to design your very own Hogwarts house logo/emblem. I would like you all to create a logo which represents your house, colour it in your house colours, and give your house a name. Once you have finished, upload an image to your portfolio on Dojo for me to see!

Tuesday 24th March:


This half term we have been looking at Harry Potter as a theme for our topic of potions. In Harry Potter, they play a game called Quidditch which involves 2 teams on brooms. 

Today, i want to see how creative you can get. Can you create a broomstick which you or a character in the book could fly on? Think about the size of the broom, the colour, shape etc.

Maybe search on google to see some examples so you know what you could base it on, or get creative and make one which you would like to use.


Don't forget, if you set up your portfolio on ClassDojo, you can send the pictures on there for me to see which would be great.

Monday 23rd March


Our topic next half term is called Blue Abyss, and it is all about the ocean. Can you create an underwater animal which could live in the sea?

Draw your creature in pencil, choose the colours it would be, the features it has, any special skills (camouflage, echo location etc). Try and give your creature a name too.