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Friday 17th July



its Friday which means Friday maths challenge! Go to the WhiteRose Hub, Week 12 and scroll down to Friday to find the activity.



Your English today is a spelling test. This will be our final spelling test of the year, so best of luck everyone. There is also a Friday theme today which would be good to look at as it is all about setting goals. Click here for the Fiday theme. 

Spelling Test

Thursday 16th July



Today in maths, you will be drawing on a grid using the grid references and coordinates. Follow the video on the WhiteRose maths website to support your understanding.



Today is Big Write day, which means you are going to be writing your own story based off of the Indian in the Cupboard story. Your story should include a child/children coming into contact with a toy which comes to life. You should have made a plan yesterday, so follow that plan and let your imagination run wild. The more creative, the better for me 😁

Wednesday 15th July



In maths, you will be looking at describing positions. Click here to access the WhiteRose Hub to find the video which accompanies the lesson.



In English, I would like you to plan a story of your own, which follows the theme of 'The Indian in the Cupboard'. This story idea must be about a character finding a toy, and the toy coming to life. The rest of the ideas in between are completely up to you. Think about what characters you are going to have, where it is going to be set and then the progression of the story. Make sure you have a climax/problem in the middle, and then how the problem is solved in the following paragraphs. Use the template below to help your story progress. Use short bullet points and short sentences in your plan.

For Chapter 4 of the story, click this link

Tuesday 14th July



We are continuing with the theme of symmetry and will be completing symmetric figures. Click here to access the WhiteRose Website to watch the video.



In English, you are going to be editing an extract from the story and adding the correct punctuation in. You will need to add direct speech into the extract to make sure it makes sense.

If you would like to, here is chapter 3 for you to listen to.

Monday 13th July


This week in maths we are going to be looking at lines of symmetry. There are videos available to watch to help with the understanding. Click here to get to the WhiteRose Hub website. Week 12 - Lesson 1. 



This week in English, we are going to be trying to write our own story based on the Indian in the Cupboard. I will be posting links to the different chapters every day for you to listen to so you can understand more of the story. 

Today's activity is to listen to Chapter 1 again and Chapter 2 of the story. I want you to make inferences about the characters in the story so far, thinking about their personalities and feelings, and predicting what might happen next. Use the sheet to mind map your ideas.

Link to Chapter 1.

Link to Chapter 2.



Words with a /shuhn/ sound.











Friday 10th July



Today, you have a Friday maths challenge to complete! The best questions for Y4 are questions 1-5, but if you want to have a go at the rest, that would be amazing practise :)

Click here to access the WhiteRose Page, then go to Week 11 - Friday maths challenge. 



Your English today is to write a letter to a family member or teacher persuading them to do something you want to do. This could be persuading your parents to let you stay up later, persuading your teacher to give you more homework, persuading your parents to let your friend stay over - it's up to you! Make sure you remember to incorporate the persuasive features such as:

Conditional sentences (if, then)

Emotive language 

Superlatives (the best, most, tallest, greatest etc)

Rhetorical questions .


I'm excited to see the changes you want to make and how you are going to persuade someone to make them :)


Spelling test

Thursday 9th July



Well done on the triangle work yesterday, i was really impressed! Today we are going to be looking at quadrilaterals. You can use your knowledge of triangles and angles to help you your quadrilaterals. Click here to access the video to accompany the learning. 



Your English for today is a Big Write! You will be writing a persuasive letter to encourage people to save the orangutans by not using products like palm oil. I look forward to being persuaded!

Wednesday 8th June



Today, we are using our knowledge of angles and moving onto looking at triangles. Use your knowledge of different angles to help you with the triangles today. Click here to access the WhiteRose Hub - Go to week 11 - Lesson 3.



Your English task for today is looking at persuasive features and techniques to help you with your persuasive letter. Click here to access Gareth's page, and use the videos provided to support your learning.

Tuesday 7th July



Today in maths, we are continuing with angles, but this time comparing and ordering different angles. To watch the video, go to WhiteRose Hub - Week 11 - Lesson 2.



Today's English is Gareth's activity about Orangutans. Click the link to access the page, then watch the video. The activity is going to be planning a persuasive letter!

Monday 6th July 



This week we are going to move onto looking at angles. We have a video this week, so go to WhiteRose Hub - Week 11 - Lesson 1 for the video.



Gareth Baker is helping with our English this week - he is reading a book about a Rang-tan losing its habitat. There are videos for you to look at each day! Watch the videos and then have a go at the activities. 



Words with /shun/ ending spelt with ‘sion’












Friday 3rd July



I would like you to have a look at the Friday maths challenge on white rose today and test yourself with some problem solving activities. Go to WhiteRose Hub, Week 10, Friday Maths Challenge.


Yesterday you wrote a diary entry from the perspective of Omri. They were really impressive! Well for writing such great diary entries. I have 2 activities to chose from today:

-Write a diary entry about your own life from whenever you chose. It could be something you did yesterday or something last year, as long as you can remember what happened.

-Write a piece of prediction text. You have all listened to chapter 1 of the story. Can you write a couple of paragraphs predicting what might happen in the rest of the story?


Friday Theme!

Mrs Stanley has chosen the theme this week and has based it on Canada Day! Click this link to access the page for the activities.


Spelling Test

Thursday 2nd July



In maths, we are going to be looking at subtraction including exchanges. Watch yesterday's video to recap the method and have a go at the sheet below. Apologies for no video yesterday, i thought i had pasted the link. This is the link to the subtraction video



Big Write! You have been working really hard this week to understand a book from a video and complete learning activities about the book, so i want to thank you for that. Today's Big Write is a diary entry. I want you to write a diary entry from the perspective of Omri about his experience with Little Horn. Make sure you use time adverbials to sequence the different events, and dont forget to talk about how your character felt at the time. I can't wait to read them!

Wednesday 1st July



Great work with the addition the past 2 days guys! We are moving on again today and looking at subtraction. Click on this video here to help with the method of subtraction.



I would like you to plan your diary entry today from Omri's perspective. I want you to think about how Omri would be feeling when his toy came to life, what questions he might be asking himself, and how he feels towards the toy at this point. Make sure you use time adverbial to keep the story in chronological order.

Tuesday 30th June



Today in maths, we are continuing the addition activities and looking at addition with exchanges. Watch yesterday's video to help you with your understanding.



I would like you to watch the rest of yesterday's video and finish chapter 1. Once you have done that, the sheet today is looking at using different sentence types in your writing. These are features you can use in the diary entry this week, so make sure they are super sentences!

Monday 29th June



This week in Maths, we are going to be recapping addition and subtraction! Find the worksheets and the video below. 



This week we will be looking at writing a diary entry. We are going to be using the book 'Indian in the Cupboard' as our focal point for this piece of writing. Watch the video ( ) up to 8 minutes 15 seconds in order to fill the worksheet in. I want you to think about the character's feelings and thoughts for today's activity. Use the thought bubbles on the sheet to write your ideas in. 















Addition Video

Still image for this video

Friday 26th June



Today in maths, you have a Friday challenge to complete! Head over to WhiteRose Hub to find it. You will see it under week 9. The questions which are most suitable for Y4 are questions 1-5.



Today’s English is to finish the Big Write if you haven’t already. If you have, ask a family member to mark it and see if you can make an edit to improve your writing even further.

There will also be a spelling test for you to complete which will be uploaded around 9am.

There is also a Friday theme for you to look at, so click the hyperlink to see what the theme is this week.


Spelling Test

Thursday 25th June



Today for math's we are continuing to look at money. Today's activities are problem solving with money, so you may need to complete multiple steps to solve the problems. For the video, go to WhiteRose Hub - Week 9 - Lesson 4.



Today's English is Gareth Baker's Activity! You will be writing up your plan into a big write style piece of work. I look forward to reading your writing!

Wednesday 24th June



Today for your maths, you are going to be estimating money! Watch the video and use it as a guide to help you with work. This can be found on WhiteRose Hub - Week 9 - Lesson 3.



The English today is another Gareth Baker activity and is about planning. Make sure you watch his videos, and there is also a PowerPoint to accompany the activity which Miss Gough has kindly made. Click here to access Gareth's page.

Tuesday 23rd June



I was impressed by how well everyone settled into money yesterday! Today we are continuing with the money, but looking at ordering money. Go to WhiteRose Hub - Week 9 - Lesson 2.



is Gareth Baker's activity on how your character might feel OR a reading comprehension challenge about Charlie and Grandpa finding the golden ticket. 

Monday 22nd June 



Today in maths, we are moving on from decimals, and moving towards looking at money. Go to WhiteRose Hub - Week 9 - Lesson 1 to find the accompanying video for today's activity.



This week, we have Gareth helping us with some of our English skills. Mrs Gough has made a video to go with the activity, it's all about creating your own artefacts! Click here to access Gareth's website.

This week's spellings:

Adding the prefix ‘il’ and ‘ir’













Friday 19th June



Today is Friday! This means there is a maths challenge set on WhiteRose for you to have a go at. Click here to access the WhiteRose Hub, scroll to week 8 and then click on Friday maths challenge. Remember, Q1-5 are the Year 4 suitable questions, any questions after that might require support :)



I was super impressed with the writing i received yesterday! There were lots of really persuasive letters which made me feel like i needed to visit America, so well done for your hard work.

Today for your English there are options:

-Finish your Big Write

-Get a family member to mark your Big Write and edit it

-Write your Big Write up in neat


There will also be a spelling test for you to complete. Send in your scores so i can give you your dojos.

Spelling Test

Thursday 17th June



Your maths today is rounding decimals up and down. Go to WhiteRose Hub - Week 8 - Lesson 4 to view the supporting video. Remember our rule for rounding - 4 to the floor 5 to the sky.



Today is Big Write day! You have been working hard all week by developing your persuasive skills, so today you will be putting them into practise. I would like you to write a persuasive letter. It can be to a family member, or a generic letter to whoever is reading. I would like this letter to convince somebody to travel to America and visit your man-made or physical feature. Make sure you use all of the features you looked at in your plan if you want to write an amazing Big Write. I'm looking forward to reading all of your letters. 

Wednesday 17th June


Today in maths, we are looking at ordering decimals in terms of value from highest to smallest. Go to WhiteRose Hub - Week 8 - Lesson 3 -to view the video which accompanies the worksheet.



In English today, I would like you to have a go at planning your persuasive letter ready for tomorrow. I would like you to have a go at filling in all of the different boxes, which look at using different features in your sentences. I will attach one which i made, so you can see how i have chosen to use the features. 

Tuesday 16th June



Your maths today is looking at decimals again. This time you will be comparing them and seeing which is bigger/smaller. To find the video, go to WhiteRose Hub - Week 8 - Lesson 2.



For your English today, i would like you to have a go at using modal verbs in your sentences. Modal verbs suggest possibility, for example "You could meet a celebrity if you go to The Statue of Liberty." Have a look at the PDF which explains modal verbs in more detail. 

Finish the sentences which use the modal verbs at the start (doesn't have to be USA related). The final section is where you can have a go at using modal verbs in a persuasive sentence about your chosen man-made or physical feature.

Monday 15th June



We are continuing with decimals this week in our maths. To access the video, go to WhiteRose Hub - Week 8 - lesson 1. Please find the worksheets under today's activities.



This week in English, we are going to be working towards writing our own persuasive text. Today, i would like you to do some research into physical and man-made features in America. Choose one of the features you have found, and find reasons to persuade a reader to visit your chosen place. Think of ways to WOW the reader. Use superlatives (the highest order of an adjective - tallest, longest, shiniest etc), use conditional sentences (if, then - If you visit the Grand Canyon, then you will feel at peace with life.), use emotive language to make the reader feel a certain way (They will have to take down the statue of Liberty if people don't come and visit). Be creative and be persuasive!

This weeks spellings 

Adding the prefix im-















Friday 12th June



Today’s maths is the Friday maths challenge. Head over to WhiteRose Hub and have a go at the challenge. You could also try and beat your best time on Times Tables Rockstars.



Today for English, I would like you to finish the story off if you didn’t do so already. If you have, you could edit it. I will also be uploading a spellings test for you to have a go at, so I look forward to seeing lots of 10/10.



Todays theme is World Oceans Day, so click here to access the themes page and have a go at the activities. You can also look at this weeks PSHE there too.

Spelling Test 12.6

Thursday 11th June



Today's maths is looking at division and you will be dividing 1 digit and 2 digit numbers by 100. To watch the video, go to White Rose Hub, Week 7 Lesson 4.  



You have worked really hard this week to create and plan your story. Today's job is to write up your story! Mrs Daysh has kindly done a video to assist in your writing, so click here to watch it. I look forward to seeing your stories :)


Our topic web is still up so do try to do some of the activities from there.

Wednesday 10th June



Todays maths is looking at hundredths as a decimal. Go to WhiteRose Hub - Week 7 - Lesson 3. Watch the video to improve understanding.



Watch Gareth's video from 23 minutes to 25 minutes where he reads the last bit of the story. then watch Mrs Daysh's video! 

You need to consider: 

What will happen next in the story

What different things can you smell/hear/see

What are the other people doing

Create a story map to show this information. Remember, story maps means lots of pictures and less full sentences.

Tuesday 9th June



Great work with the maths yesterday! I was really impressed with how hard you worked. We are going to be dividing by 10, so follow the link to WhiteRose Hub and make sure you watch the video.



Gareth's activity today is to imagine you are on a spaceship with people who you do not know. 

You need to think about:

- How you feel.

- What might you say to them

- What will you do next?

- What information might you want to know about them?


You can choose how you want to present this information, it might be in some bullet points, you might draw the spaceship and write the information, you may even want to record yourself talking over your work.

This learning is following on from the Gareth Baker video. Make sure you check it out and also watch Mrs Daysh's video to help you with this!  

Monday 8th June



Your math today is looking at tenths as a decimals. Go to Whiterose Hub - Week 7 - Lesson 1 for the video.



This week, we have lovely Gareth setting some activities for you to have a go at. To find the activities, click this link here.

This is your spellings for this week. Have a go at learning this spelling rule ready for the test on Friday.

Adding the prefix ‘in’.











Friday 5th June



Today's maths is the Friday Maths Challenge. The worksheet, answer sheet and certificate are all on the WhiteRose website, and the challenge will test a range of different math skills. Click here to get to the website. Week 6 - Friday Maths Challenge. 



For your English, i would like you to have a go at the spelling test. I would also like you to finish the big write if you haven't done so yet. If you have, try and edit your big write, or write it up in neat as if it were a purple polished piece.


Don't forget to have a look at our Friday Theme Learning.  

Spelling Test 5.6

Thursday 4th June



Today's maths is looking at quantities again involving fractions. Week 6 lesson 4 on WhiteRose Hub. 




I would like you to write a postcard addressed to a family member about your time and experience in the USA. You could talk about what you went to see, your opinions of the places or anything that surprised you about the famous buildings/landmarks. You looked at fronted adverbials yesterday, so make sure you use time adverbials to keep the postcard in chronological order. I look forward to reading these.

A message from Mrs Potts

Still image for this video

A message from Mr Hibbert

Still image for this video

Wednesday 3rd June



Today in maths, you will be at fractions of a quantity. Click here to get to the WhiteRose Hub to access the video.



Your English today is to pratise a grammar feature we have used in class. For our Big Write on Thursday, you will be writing a postcard about your experience/trip in America. You will be describing what you did and how it made you feel. You will also be writing in chronological order. Today, the activity is fronted adverbials. There are 3 columns, Time (adverbials) Place (adverbials) and Main clause. I want you to use the phrases provided to make some sentences, ensuring you have a fronted adverbial. You might even want to mix things up and put Time and Place phrase before the main clause. Experiment with the sentences and see what the best way to make them is.

Tuesday 2nd June



Your maths today is subtracting fraction. Use your knowledge from addition to help you with your subtractions. Click here to get to WhiteRose Hub. Week 6 lesson 2.



Today for English, i would like you to go on an imaginary trip to America! Think about the journey on the plane, which part of America you are going to, and what sights there are to see there. Write down some information about the famous location you are going to. You could go and visit Central Park, Mount Rushmore, the Golden Gate bridge, Hollywood Boulevard, Statue of Liberty. 

Monday 1st June



For your maths today, you will be looking at adding fractions together. Please watch the accompanying video to help with understanding on the WhiteRose Hub, Week 6 Lesson 1. I will attach the worksheet and answer sheet below. 



Your English for today is to have a practise at your new spellings for this week. These spellings are focussing on the /aw/ sound spelt augh and au. Can you think of any other words you know which have this sound and follow this spelling rule? See how many more you can think of. 

Words with the /aw/ sound spelt augh and au.




















Don't forget to have a look at the next topic web. There is 3 weeks worth of topic work there for you to have a go at, and it is all based around our new topic 'Road Trip USA'.


Friday 22nd May


Sports Day!

Today is Sports Day from home. There are 5 activities which you can take part in. I would love it if as many of you could have a go at the activities as possible. Time yourself taking part in the activities and you can submit your scores here here. If you want to upload any of your events onto dojo for me to see, i would love that but it is only optional. There is a statement for you to read to ensure GDPR is adhered by, so when you fill in the entry form, read the statement and tick the box if you consent to videos and photos being shared with Mansfield Town Football Club. There are going to be prizes and certificates for taking part and putting in effort, so there is a reward you could get too! Good luck everyone



Your maths for today is the maths challenge set on WhiteRose Hub. Click on the link to access this page, go to week 5 - lesson 5 (Friday Maths Challenge). All sheets, answers and certificates are available for download there.



It's Friday, which means spelling test day! Have a go at your spellings and send in your scores, there will be dojos up for grabs.

Spelling Test

Thursday 21st May



Today's maths is looking at fractions which are greater than 1. Watch the video here at WhiteRose Hub. The sheets for today can be found below.



After working really hard all week, today and tomorrow we would like you to have a go at writing your own dream or nightmare story. There is also a competition you can enter these stories into, so make sure you try your best! The lesson can be found here and the competition entry page can be accessed here

Wednesday 20th May



Your maths for today is lesson 3, week 5 - Equivalent fractions. Your worksheets will be under today's learning. Make sure you use the supporting video to help with understanding.



You produced some fantastic story maps yesterday, I was really impressed with the quality of your work. Today, Gareth has a new technique called Show Not Tell which will help you think about how to use emotions in your writing. Click here to access Gareth's page.

Tuesday 19th May



Today's maths is lesson 2 of week 5 on WhiteRose Hub. Today, the focus is on equivalent fractions. Watch the accompanying video to support your learning. The worksheets will be under today's learning activities.



Today is the first lesson in a 3 day story writing sequence from Gareth. If you have't already, go and watch Gareth's video on his page here. Mr Newman has made a video to accompany the learning for today, so make sure you watch that too.

Monday 18th May


Spellings for this week!


Adverbials of frequency and possibility





















Today in maths, we are starting a new week which means a new skill to practise! This week it is looking at fractions and parts of numbers again. Click on this link to access the WhiteRose Hub for the video to accompany the worksheet. Both the questions sheet and answer sheet can e found under today's learning activities.



We are really lucky because we have Gareth setting our activities for English again this week. He has lots of really interesting work planned, so make sure you have a look at it! Gareth has made a video for you to watch, so click here to get to Gareth's page and watch the video. Once you have watched the video, Mr Newman has made a video for you to look at as part of today's activity. Watch both videos then have a go at writing your diary entry.

Friday 15th May



Today, you have a maths challenge to complete. This is the first time we will have done a maths challenge so take your time. This challenge has a range of question, the most suitable for Y4 are questions 1 through 5, but why not have a go at the other questions with the help of a family member? To get to the challenge, go to WhiteRose Hub - Week 4 - Friday Challenge. There is a question sheet, answer sheet and even a certificate!



Great work with your letter yesterday. I've had a chance to read them and they are fantastic! Today you have some options:

-Edit your Big Write with a family member to make it EVEN better

-Write your Big Write up as a purple polished piece in your best handwriting

-Finish off your letter if you didn't get the chance yesterday


Spelling test! Have a go at the spelling test and see how you get on after all your practise this week. Remember, dojo's if you get full marks.



Today's theme is all about International Families day. To find out more about what International Families day is, click here. There are activities for you to do and a PowerPoint to look through.

Spelling Test

Thursday 14th May



I would like you to continue with the current sequence on maths. This is based around perimeter and area, today's task being finding the area by counting squares. Go to WhiteRose Hub,  Week 4 - Lesson 4 - Area counting squares. The sheets will be linked under today's activities.



Today is your Big Write day! You have been working really hard all week developing persuasive features in preparation for this activity. The big write is a persuasive letter to persuade the reader to stop plastic pollution. You may want to give them reasons plastic pollution is a problem, who/what it affects, how much people pollute, strategies to avoid pollution. 

Features you could include:

-Rhetorical question

-Conditional sentences (If, Then)

-Emotive language

-Superlatives (The most beautiful, the worst, dirtiest etc)

-Comparative sentences


I'm really looking forward to reading these.



Dont forget to have a go at one of the topic activities on the topic web. We also have a PSHE video you can look at, click here to see this.

Wednesday 13th May



Your maths today is the next in the sequence on WhiteRose Hub. It is Week 4 - lesson 3 - perimeter of rectilinear shapes. Use the video from the website to help with the understanding and learning. I will put the question sheet and answer sheet under today's activities.



Brilliant work yesterday with the rhetorical questions. I saw lots of you use really powerful, emotive rhetorical questions. Today, you are going to produce a plan ready for your big write tomorrow. The more detailed your sheet it, the more information you will have to put straight into your big write. Please find the sheet under today's activities.

Tuesday 12th May



Today you will be looking at Week 4 - lesson 2 - perimeter on White Rose Hub. Click here to access the website, the sheets can be found under today's work.



Well done on your research yesterday. You will be using that research to help you write your persuasive letter on Thursday. Today, we are going to be looking at rhetorical questions and using them to make the reader feel emotional. Have a go at underlining the questions which are rhetorical and then try and write some for yourself. Remember, rhetorical questions are made to make you think, they don't require an answer.

Monday 11th May



Today, the WhiteRose maths activity will be available to download on the class page due to the change in subscription status. That being said, the videos are still available to watch and use to help understand the activities. This week, we will be working from 'Summer Term - Week 4 - Lesson 1.' Click here to access the website for the videos.




This week in our English, we will be working towards writing a persuasive letter. We are going to be trying to persuade the people of the world to prevent plastic pollution. In order to do that, you need to do some research about what plastic pollution is and why it is a problem. You also need to who/what plastic pollution affects. 

Your task today, i would like you to research reasons why we shouldn't pollute the environment with plastics. Use the sheet provided to write some reasons and facts about plastic pollution and it's problems. Make sure these facts are 'hard hitting' and emotional.

These are your spellings to practise this week to be tested  on Friday.

Spellings to be tested 16th May











Thursday 7th May



Today, you are going to be looking at the last task for this week on WhiteRose. The activity follows on from yesterday and is all about making a whole number. Have a look for it under week 1 lesson 4 (wk commencing April 20th). Click here to access the website.



For your English today, you will have a spelling test to complete. There are also some activities for you to choose from to help celebrate VE Day which is on Friday. Take a look at the link here and choose an activity. I recommend the create your own medal activity.

Spelling Test

Wednesday 6th May



Today for your maths, I would like you to carry on with the decimals on WhiteRose and have a look at lesson 3. This is the link to the website, click on week 1 (Wk 20th April) and lesson 3. Watch the video so you know what to do.


I saw some great work yesterday and loved reading your posters which you uploaded onto the portfolio. This is the third and final part of Gareth’s activities. Follow yesterday’s link to his page and have a go at activity 3. 

Tuesday 5th May



Well done to those of you who sent in your maths yesterday, I was very impressed. Today we are gong to be moving our learning on by looking at Lesson 2 of the third week of work (Wk commencing 20th April on the website). Click here for the link to the website. 


You all did a great job with the human zoo’s you created yesterday. It was interesting to see the difference in your zoo you imagined in your mind. Today you are going to be persuading somebody to visit your zoo. Refresh your memory with the video from Gareth and have a go at writing a persuasive text. 
Some features you may want to include: 

-Rhetorical Questions 

-Conditional sentences (if, then)

-Superlatives (the best or highest order of something)

-Comparative sentences (better than, bigger than etc)

-Pattern of 3 (3 great adjectives in a row)


Click here to access Gareth’s page to find the activity sheet and the video.

Monday 4th May



This week we are continuing with looking at decimals. We will be continuing using White Rose to look over the decimals. This week we will be working from Week 3 (Wk commencing 20th April) and starting from lesson 1. Use the video to support your understanding and work through the sheet. Click here for the question sheet. Click here for the answer sheet.



Your English this week are set by the lovely Gareth Baker! All of the activities and videos are over on his section of the website. Click here to access his page. Make sure you complete the right sheets on the right day so the order makes sense! 

You also have the spellings for this week to practise. This week we will have the test on Thursday instead of Friday due to the bank holiday. 


Dont forget to look at the activities on the topic web and upload any work to your portfolio once it has been completed.

Spellings to be tested on 7th May.











Friday 1st May



Your maths today is dividing 1 or 2 digit numbers by 100, which will often result in a decimal being made. Have a watch of the video so you can see the method then have a go at the worksheet. Click here for the website. Click here for the worksheet. Click here for the answers.




 I saw some really great stories yesterday and I was very impressed with the features used in the stories. If you haven’t finished your story, I want you to take some time out today to finish it. I will also be releasing a spelling test for you to complete so have a go and see how many you can get right.



Today's Friday Theme is... based on Ramadan. You will find the Friday Theme activities here

Spelling test

Thursday 30th April



We are following in from yesterday’s maths and moving into hundredths on a place value grid. This is lesson 4 week 2 on the whiterose website. Click here to access where rose. Click here for today’s sheet and click here for the answers.



Today is the day we would normally compete a big write. All this week you have been structuring the rest of your story, so today I would like you to put your ideas into a big write style piece of writing. You do not need to rewrite your opener, just pick up from where you left off and continue writing the rest of your story. Remember, I want to see speech in your story, so make sure you use direct speech correctly. I look forward to reading your stories.

Wednesday 29th April:



Today we are carrying on with the WhiteRose scheme of work and moving onto hundredths as decimals, this is week 2 lesson 3 on the website. Click here for the White Rose page for the video.

Click here for the work sheet and click here for the answer sheet. Make sure you watch the video to help you through the worksheet.



For your English today, i would like you to have a go at writing the end of your story to help you get some ideas ready for tomorrow. Make sure that you include speech and adventurous vocabulary in your writing. The sheet will be underneath todays date so download that and have a go at filling it in, alternatively write it up on a piece of spare paper. Once you have finished, get somebody in your house to assess it and give you some feedback so you know how to improve it for the main thing.

Tuesday 28th April:



Today's math is moving on to looking a hundredths of a number. This will be represented through fractions and decimals. To find the video, click here for the White Rose website. Go to week 2 (not summer term week 2) and scroll to lesson 2. Click here for the worksheet and click here for the answer sheet.



For your English today, i want you to have a go at planning the rest of your story. You have already wrote the first couple of paragraphs, so think about where you want your story to go from there, an get some ideas written down. I would like you to include some direct speech in your plan, so that you can use it in your story. If you want to use the Finding Nemo film for your story, that's fine. Alternatively, you could think of your own version of the story, that's absolutely fine too. Make sure you draw the pictures of the sequence of the story and then write some key sentences/ideas you want to use in your story in.



Monday 27th April:


Maths - 

This week in maths, we are going to be moving on from tenths and will be looking at hundredths as fractions and decimals. Today's activity is dividing 2 digit numbers by 10 using a place value grid. The resources are on WhiteRose Hub once again. Click here to get to the website. We are working from 'Week 2' so make sure you click week 2 to access the right video. This is the worksheet for today, click here to access that. Once you have finished the sheet, please have a go at marking your own work to see if you have got them correct. Answer sheet is here.


English - 

Your English today is to pratise your spellings for this week and complete the grammar activity based around speech. The speech activity has a quiz to look at first, and then a sheet to have an attempt at. 

Adding the suffix -ous without changing the root work












Topic - 

I have produced a web of topic ideas which you can choose to complete over the next 3 weeks. I have tried to include a range of activities so that the children can use a variety of skills.

Friday 24th April:



Today's maths is Week 1 lesson 5 and we are moving onto dividing dividing 1 digit by 10. This is something we have looked at with whole numbers above 1, so they should have the skills they need to access this learning. Remind them the trick of just moving all of the numbers one place to the right on the place value grid. Click here for the website. Click here for the question sheet. Once you have completed the sheet, don't forget to mark it using the answer sheet here.



This week so far you have been practising describing a character and a setting. What I would like you to do today is the first 2 paragraphs of a big write. This will then be finished off next week. Think about describing the setting in the opener and then begin to introduce the characters in the second paragraph. Build up to where the problem happens (the climax) and then stop there as you can finish that next week. Try to include the range of sentence types that you know, and be as descriptive as possible in order to paint a better picture for me when i read it. Good luck.



Today’s creative task celebrates Earth Day and all of Key Stage 2 are invited to take part. The link is here.

Thursday 23rd April:



I have been really impressed with how well everyone is getting on with the whiterose maths. I would like you to look at lesson 4 of week 1 today and give that a go. It is all about 10ths on a number line. Here is the link

Use them video to support understanding and then have a go at the worksheet for today.



Today we are really lucky because Gareth Baker has set an activity for you all to look at. This doesn’t have to be completed today, it can be completed any time. These activities are there to help you become creative writers. To access these resources click here. 



Wednesday 22nd April:



Look at the WhiteRose hub and have a go at lesson 3 of week 1. This is looking at 10ths on a place value grid which should be a piece of cake, since we have done a lot of work on place value. This is the link Click here for the worksheet. Again, a photo on the portfolio would be great and feel free to use the answer sheet to check your own answers once ypu have finished.




Today for your English, i would like you to continue with your descriptive writing, and describe the setting where the story takes place. I have a sheet with an image of the setting which you can write over, or download and add text over. Once completed, it would be great if you could take a picture and put it on the portfolio. Remember when describing a setting, to use your senses. What can you see, smell, taste, hear, what does it feel like? Expand those noun phrases and try adding in relative clauses.



Australia is home to one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. This wonder is called the Great Barrier Reef. What i would like you to do is research what the Great Barrier Reef is, and write down 5-10 facts. You may wish to present this in a poster format, a fact file format, it's up to you.

Tuesday 21st April:


Your Maths today: 

Can you convert fractions into decimals? The focus will be on changing Tenths into a decimal. This will require you to use your knowledge of fractions to help you understand decimals. 

Take a look at this link (

Look at lesson 2 of week 1. The video next to the question sheet will be really helpful so make sure you use that too.


Your English today:

This week and next week we are going to be writing a story based on the film 'Finding Nemo'. Today's English activity is to complete the character description sheet in preparation of writing the opener. Make sure you use plenty of adjectives and write a clear, detailed description.


Your topic/creative learning today:

I would like you to do some research into the different oceans which are located around the world. Once you have found out their names, label them on the sheet and write any facts you fins out about them. 


Monday 20th April:


Starting from this week and moving forward, there will be 3 activities a day set for the children. The math we will be looking at will mainly be from WhiteRose Hub as children are familiar to this style of maths. They provide the children with an introductory video as well as some questions to answer. Once the children have done this, there is also an answer sheet available for them to check.  


Your Maths today:

We are going to be recapping some of the taught areas which we have learned this year. Today's focus is on place value and will centre around looking at numbers smaller than 1 (tenths, hundredths, thousandths etc). This is the link for the website (, click on the link and go to 'Week 1'. Today's activity is lesson 1 in that sequence.


Your English today:

I would like you to remind yourself about adjectives and what their role is in a sentence. I have found a quiz which asks you to choose the words which are adjectives. Have a go at the quiz and see if you can get 10/10 correct.



Your Topic/creative work today:

I would like you to create a food chain from the perspective of the ocean. What would be at the bottom of the food chain? What would be at the top? Would humans be on the food chain? Think about the producer, the consumer and the prey. 


Easter Project:



Our next topic (Blue Abyss) also has a focus on pollution in the sea. I want you to research pollution to find out what it is, and then see if you can invent your own machine/device which could be used clear pollution out of the oceans.

You could draw a sketch of your design and then write some information about what it does and how it eliminates pollution in the sea.


You could also create a fact file book about 3-5 animals which live in the ocean. Find out interesting facts about the different creatures and what parts of the ocean they live at. After that, using any household items you can find, try and create a 3D version.

Here are some ideas of craft projects for ocean creatures. - Ocean in an eggshell

- lots of ideas on Pinterest


Friday 3rd April:


Recently, JK Rowling made a website which allows people to access her films and activities related to her films. This website link is


I would like you to check out this website at some point today, and pick an activity to complete. This could be drawing your own niffler, reading an article, completing a quiz or puzzle and many more. You will need to make an account i believe, but it should be free for all of the resources on there.


Have a great Friday! Enjoy the Easter Holidays and your 2 weeks off and i will speak to you all after the break.

Jeudi 2 Avril:


Myself and Mrs Potts have decided this is going to be a french themed activity. What we want you to do today, is to watch a french film! You could find a french film on Netflix or on Youtube. We have a couple of videos/films for you to watch - 'A Monster in Patis', 'The Red Balloon', 'Tintin and the Lake of Sharks'. Choose one of these videos and wave a watch. We would also like you to make a list of all the words you recognise throughout the film, which you have learnt in class.

All of the films above should all be suitable for 9 and under.

Send lists of words you recognise into dojo so i can see throughout the day.

Wednesday 1st April:


Mrs Winterton’s arty-darty challenge! Draw what you can see from your bedroom using any media you like - pencil, pen, chalk, cold black tea, food colouring, felt tips, paint, take your pick! The sky must have a rainbow somewhere in it. I can’t wait to see how creative you all get

Tuesday 31st March:


I want to see how fast everyone is with their times tables today! You all have a log in for the new times tables website we have bought into, this is called Times Tables Rockstars.

I want to see how fast your times tables have become. Play around in the Studio to see how fast you can set your speed at. You will have to play 10 times to get a general speed score so make sure you play all 10! 

Challenge some of your friends, in the Rockslam section of the website. See if they can beat the score you set them. 

Once you have played lots of games, why not hit the store and buy some new items for your avatars? The only way to earn more cash is to play ad get lots of questions right. I look forward to seeing your stats on the website.

Finally, have a look at tournaments. The Year 4s will be competing against the Year 6s to see who are the fastest times tables class in the school. Make sure you participate to help our class win!!!

Monday 30th March:


Today, I want you to do some writing. This half term, we have focused on Harry Potter and potions. What I would like you to do is write a letter to Professor Dumbledore, persuading him to let you in to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He will need a lot of persuading, so make sure you include superlatives, conditional sentences (if, then), comparative verbs and anything else that would encourage Dumbledore to let you in. 

He will want to know why you think you should be allowed in, so make sure you make yourself sound amazing, and like the best witch/wizard he will have ever seen! I will be setting the task on ClassDojo, so please use the portfolio there to submit your writing. 

Happy Monday 😎

Friday 27th March:


Let's mix it up today! You've done a lot of art and creative activities, so today I want you to focus on an active activity. Every morning at 9AM, Joe Wicks does a daily workout for 30 minutes. What I would like you to do today is to create your own 10/15 minute workout which you could teach others. This may include a range of different workouts, movements, stretches etc. You could write them down on a piece of paper, what actions you would be doing and for how long, or you could record yourself doing them - up to you!

Have fun and have a great Friday 😁

Thursday 26th March


Today, i would like you to try and so some science. We looked a lot at changing states at school, so that's going to be the theme for this activity. Find some chocolate in the house, ideally chocolate buttons but i appreciate people wont have them. Take a small chunk of the chocolate. You are going to see how long the chocolate takes to melt from a solid into a liquid by just using the palm of your hand. Make a prediction before you try it. 
After that, place the chocolate chunk in the palm of your hand and leave it there to melt. Eat the melted chocolate at the end and write a conclusion. 

Wednesday 25th March:


Keeping on the theme of Harry Potter, at Hogwarts, all of the children are assigned a house to be a part of. For today's task, I want you to design your very own Hogwarts house logo/emblem. I would like you all to create a logo which represents your house, colour it in your house colours, and give your house a name. Once you have finished, upload an image to your portfolio on Dojo for me to see!

Tuesday 24th March:


This half term we have been looking at Harry Potter as a theme for our topic of potions. In Harry Potter, they play a game called Quidditch which involves 2 teams on brooms. 

Today, i want to see how creative you can get. Can you create a broomstick which you or a character in the book could fly on? Think about the size of the broom, the colour, shape etc.

Maybe search on google to see some examples so you know what you could base it on, or get creative and make one which you would like to use.


Don't forget, if you set up your portfolio on ClassDojo, you can send the pictures on there for me to see which would be great.

Monday 23rd March


Our topic next half term is called Blue Abyss, and it is all about the ocean. Can you create an underwater animal which could live in the sea?

Draw your creature in pencil, choose the colours it would be, the features it has, any special skills (camouflage, echo location etc). Try and give your creature a name too.