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Behaviour at Farmilo

Behaviour at Farmilo is extremely important and our Ofsted report from July 2013 states that Behaviour & Safety is Outstanding something that we are very proud of.

Our behaviour policy ensures that consistent practise is developed throughout the school and that children are clear about rewards and sanctions.

Children are encouraged to make the right choices in all that they do which helps to develop a sense moral purpose within themselves.

Mrs Ledger- Teaching Assistant- counsellor

Pupil Well-being at Farmilo

Here at Farmilo we are always concerned with the well-being of our children in our care. With that in mind we have professional who understands that at times children need someone to talk with, who will listen without passing judgement.


We are all aware of the pressures that affect young people in the world which may include: family breakdowns, bereavements, difficult relationships, peer pressure, school pressure, internet exposure or being a young carer.


Young people may also suffer from: low self-esteem, lacking in self- confidence, low self- confidence and anxiety.


If you feel that your child would benefit from talking with a qualified counsellor then please inform your child's class teacher, Mrs Tryner or Mrs Ledger. We will ask that you sign a parental consent form for the counselling sessions to take place.