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This is the story of Handa's Surprise, our next Topic!
As part of your Easter Project we're asking you to watch the story and the project is in the video below with the magical storybox!

Easter project for Red Buses and Green Trains

The Tricky Troll is at it again!

The Tricky Troll is lurking around school while we're away, he's making sure we don't forget our Tricky Words!

Week 2 Activities 

We have loved hearing about all the fabulous learning you have been up to over the phone and it's been lovely to see pictures via e-mail, remember you can always send us pictures of any your learning. We always reply! 

It sounds like most of you made the most of the sunshine and enjoyed the time together. Here are this week's challenges for you to have a got at with your family 


Idea for Monday

Idea for Tuesday

Idea for Wednesday

Idea for Thursday

Idea for Friday

Draw a map

It could be a treasure map, a map of your house or even a place you’ve made up. Talk about the different things on your map and how you would move around the place.

Set up a photo shoot

Use a camera or phone to take some pictures for a photo shoot, it could be of your grown up, a certain room or a pet – what different pictures can you get? How do they look?

Help your grown up tidy/clean up 1 thing

You could make your bed, help with dusting or sweeping or even help wash the pots. See if you can help your grown ups keep the house clean and tidy.

Write a postcard to your teacher

We’re really missing you from school! We would love you to write a  postcard for us to read when you get back, tell us all about what you’ve been up to using your sounds and don’t forget finger spaces!


 What can you build?

Can you build a tower out of lego, cards or paper? What shapes are in it? You can build anything you like out of anything you can find.

Week 1 activity ideas

Please remember that you can put any pictures of learning you have done in the learning journal given to you by school. We would love to see what you have been up to! Don’t forget to read every day, get some exercise and most importantly enjoy the time together to interact, play, learn and explore J



Idea for Monday

Idea for Tuesday

Idea for Wednesday

Idea for Thursday

Idea for Friday

Build a Fort

Use whatever you can find around the house to build somewhere to feel safe and happy (this could be cushions, blankets or anything else to make it nice and cosy.)


Go on a spring walk

This could be anywhere, the park, a forest or even just in your garden, spend some time outside looking at the world around you.


Make up a dance to some music

Play some music (it could be anything you like!) And see if you can make up a dance routine to practice and show off with a grown up.


Play shops

Pretend to have a shop and sell different things to your grown up for their real pounds and pennies. You could pretend to sell your toys, different foods or anything you like. Talk about how different coins are worth different numbers.

Make some paper puppets to retell a story

Read a story with a grown up and make some paper puppets for the characters. Then see if you can act out the story together or make up a whole new one.

If you're enjoying Joe Wicks but fancy something a little calmer before bed or at any other time, Cosmic Kids Yoga have some great yoga stories on Youtube that involve simple yoga poses and fun exercises for all ages, here are a few to try out: 


Under the sea


In the Woods



We're sure if you mention the name 'Jack Hartman' to your children their face will light up, his videos can be found on Youtube, he makes fun and energetic videos to help learn shapes and numbers, here are a few of our favorites: 

Here's a link to BBC Teach, even though the resources are aimed at KS1 it's got some lovely ideas you could use to teach different areas, feel free to follow your own interests and explore learning across different subjects