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Spring Term (1)

Welcome to the Spring term from Mrs Hickling and Mrs Lunn and Miss Brown.  It has taken us a bit by surprise that we are going back to remote learning, so please bear with us, this page will be a work in progress and we will be adding to it tomorrow and often. Keep your eyes peeled :) 



Final week of remote learning 

So this is the last week of remote learning you will be sent before the summer! 

We really hope you have enjoyed accessing the Story Time phonics fairy and reading the stories for you number learning. The children in school have loved listening to so many different books and really engaged in the activities that went with them.

This weeks learning is very similar to past weeks.


For phonics this week we are asking you to recap the sounds 'ear' and 'air' that you learned last week. This is because they are trigraphs and are easily mixed up with each other. Make sure this week you really focus on understanding how they are different and the different words in which they can be found.


This weeks number learning s based on the story 'The dinosaur that pooped a planet' (see link below.) As this terms topic has now finished, in school we are doing lots of different dinosaur activities such as making masks, dinosaur footprints and learning all about dinosaurs. Feel free to do the same at home and follow the children's dino interests.

We hope you have really enjoyed the learning we have been sending home and we hope you have a lovely last week of learning with your little ones. 

The Dinosaur that Pooped A Planet children's story read aloud by Books Read Aloud for Kids

The Dinosaur that Pooped A Planet by Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter. Illustrated by Gary Parsons. Read Aloud by Books Read Aloud For Kids. Get the book Amaz...

Week 15 Activities

So hopefully everyone had a lovely weekend and fingers crossed this weeks a little brighter. :)

This weeks learning follows the structure of all the others.


For your phonic learning this week we are asking you to learn to recognise and write the sounds 'ear' and 'air'. These are trigraphs (3 letters together that make 1 sound.) Introducing this concept again to children may prove tricky so next week we will be suggesting recapping these sounds again to help the children really get to grips with them. You have been sent an e-mail with lots of ideas about how to support and hep the children really remember these sounds.


For the number learning this week we are looking at the story 'Oliver's Vegetables' and it's the perfect story  to get outside and have some practical hands-on fun in the garden. You could start by counting different leaves or types of wildlife or measuring and counting ingredients for a recipe, it's a lovely story with lots of ideas.


So this is the last week we will be looking at Cinderella and if you haven't already, feel free to check out the topic web with lots of lovely ideas!

Oliver's Vegetables

Author: Vivian French Illustrated by: Alison Bartlett Read by: Matthew Willsher Do you like chips? Oliver does, in fact, he won't eat anything else - until h...

Week 14 Activities 

This weeks learning is much the same as other weeks with a slight change to phonics.


This week instead of learning new sounds, we would love it if you could focus on recapping the new sounds you have learned over the past 2 weeks to really make sure you know them and can use them. These sounds are ur, or, ow and oi. You have been sent an e-mail full of ideas for what you can do and if you need any extra support or guidance feel free to drop us an e-mail :)


For number learning this week the story is 'ZOG the dragon' and you can find lots of activities based on this story on the link below as well as a video for the story.


The topic learning this week is based all around the story of Cinderella and don't forget you can always use the topic web for activity ideas and suggestions. 

Zog - Give Us a Story!

Life as a dragon can be tough growing up... What kind of dragon will Zog grow into? Lovely one this one, - one of their best I reckon!

Topic Web for Activity Ideas

Week 13 activities 


Just like last week, this week you get to learn more brand new sounds! We'd like you to learn to recognize and write the sounds 'ow' and 'oi'. There are a number of ways you could learn these sounds and practice using them. Just watch the StoryTime phonics video and try a couple of the ideas from last week's e-mail. If you're unsure just drop us an e-mail for help and support. 


This weeks number learning is based around the story of princess Mirror Belle (Please find a link below) and there are lots of wonderful activities for you to try if you follow the link for the learning.


Also feel free to do any topic related activities that take your fancy. these could be based on any of the traditional tales in the magical story box. In school this week we will be looking at Goldilocks and the 3 bears 🙂 


Lastly, as stated in the last e-mail, as we are back at school phone calls are being cut down but if you wish to speak to any of the teachers just let us know and we would be happy to give you a call!

PRINCESS MIRROR-BELE AND THE DRAGON POX | Children's Audiobook | AudioSloth Station

Imagine if your reflection came to life... That's exactly what happens to Ellen when Princess Mirror-Belle climbs out of the bathroom mirror. While Ellen has...

Week 12 activities


I hope you're ready for another lovely week of learning and playing at home!


This weeks sounds are 'or' and 'ur'. These are brand new sounds that we haven't looked at in school yet. In this weeks e-mail you'll find lots of ideas for games and activities that we use in school to help you feel confident in teaching new sounds at home. Don't forget to use StoryTime phonics to see the Phonic Fairy discover the story behind the action for the sound. (see link below)



This week's number learning is based on the story 'The Princess and the Wizard'. You can find a link to the story below as well as a link to all the lovely activities that you can do related to the story to help you with your number learning. We're going to be doing the same learning in school so feel free to send any pictures of you completing the activities! 


Topic Web

Finally, remember to check out the topic web for ideas for activities you could do at home based on this half term's topic :)

The Princess and the Wizard written by Julia Donaldson

Julia Donaldson, The Princess and the Wizard, kids book. Julia Donaldson's The Princess and the Wizard narrated by myself with the characters read by my kids.

Week 11 Activities

We hope you had a lovely weekend despite the drizzle! 

This weeks learning is similar to before with a few changes for phonics.

Phonics -

This week the sound we are looking at is 'ar', we are only giving you one new sound this week as we would like you to do a little recap over the other sounds you have practiced whilst learning from home. Feel free to use the Storytime phonics website to help you (you have been sent the login again)  and the alphabet video below to practice the actions for all the single sounds. 



Following the pattern of previous weeks we will be doing number activities based on the story 'The Snail and the Whale' my absolute favorite! 

You can watch the story for this lovely book in the link below.

Please also find the link below and look under Summer Term - Week 6 (w/c 1st June) for the activities. 


Please also remember that there are plenty of lovely ideas for activities based around our new topic 'Once upon a Time'.


Our actions for Storytime Phonics 😁

See if you can sing along and join in the actions for each sound to practice recognising them 😁

The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson. Children's read-aloud story with illustrations.

The sea snail slithered all over the rock and gazed at the sea and the ships in the Dock. And as she gazed and sniffed and sighed. "The sea is deep and the w...

Magical storybox for our new topic!

Week 10 activities

We hope you have all had a lovely half-term break, hasn't the weather been amazing? We have been enjoying our gardens and having a good rest so we hope you have been doing the same.  This week, we have a new topic web to go with our new topic, which is called ONCE UPON A TIME and is all about Jack and the Beanstalk, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Cinderella. You can find the topic web below, if you don't have a copy of the stories, you can find lots of different versions on Youtube.


This week, we would like you to look at the two different ways to pronounce 'oo'.  The link for Storytime Phonics is below, please let us know if you don't have the login.

Number Learning

For the number learning this week we will be looking at another mini beast story by doing activities based on 'Superworm' by Julia Donaldson. Please find a link for the story below and a link to the activities under Summer Term - Week 5. 


Superworm! Read aloud

Children's book read aloud. Superworm by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler


Week 9 activities 

Oh my Golly Gosh! We cannot believe we're on week 9 but you guys are doing a brilliant job of learning and playing at home and all the teachers at school are very proud of you! 

This weeks activities will follow the same structure as the week previously and we can't wait to hear about all the learning you get up to.



It seems lots of you are really enjoying doing StoryTime Phonics at home which is lovely to hear! The sounds we will be looking at with the Phonic Fairy this week are ee and igh.​

Please find a link below to the StoryTime phonics video for each sound. 


Number learning

For the number learning this week we will be looking at another mini beast story by doing activities based on 'The Very Busy Spider'. Please find a link for the story below and a link to the activities under Summer Term - Week 4. 


Don't forget, you can always check out the Handa's surprise topic web for other ideas for learning. I have been sent some brilliant videos of some dancing to African music and head balancing activities and would love to see some more! 



The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle || An ANIMATED adventure! [CC]

One day a spider blew across a field. Many different animals tried to make friends with her while she busily created a beautiful web. What did they say?? Wat...

Miss Brown reads 'Worrysaurus' as a bedtime story 🦖

Our lovely Mrs Hickling reads a story

Mrs Hx reads HATTIE THE BAD ♥️

Week 8 learning activities 

Due to all the lovely learning we have heard about and received so far, we are carrying on from the weeks previously by learning sounds with Storytime phonics, doing fun and creative activities with a different story for maths and using Handa's topic web. 
This weeks sounds are ng and ai. ​

Follow the link below to find the stories for these sounds and see if you can watch the phonics fairy read her story. For 'ng' you could make a ring to practice miming the sound in different ng words. For 'ai' you could follow a snail's trail (or piece of string or roll of tape) to find different 'ai' words hidden around the house or garden, doing the action as you go. Don't forget you have been e-mailed the login, if you need it again just let us know. :)


For maths this week, the story we will be looking at is one of my favorite stories - the very hungry caterpillar! Follow the link below for lots of fun and interesting learning activities based on the book, you can pick any two that take your fancy and have a go.


As always, if you feel at a bit of a loose end there are lots of fun challenges in Handa's topic web that you could have a go at, please find the web below :) 



The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Animated Film

In the internationally acclaimed The Very Hungry Caterpillar, a tiny caterpillar eats and eats...and eats his way through the week. Taken from The Very Hungry ...

Handa's surprise challenges

Week 7 Activities 

As we had such positive feedback from last week, the learning this week is similar. This week, we would like you to continue to use Storytime phonics for sounds and complete number challenges based another children's story. We also recommend the Topic Web for fun and engaging learning challenges. 


Phonics: The sounds we would like you to look at this week are sh and th. You can watch the stories for each sound and have a go at sounding out some words. The link is below and the login is in last weeks e-mail. Just let us know if you need the login again :) 


Number: Since so many of you enjoyed the supertato activities, we're giving you more maths challenges based on a book, this time the story is called 'Night Pirates'. A link to the story on Youtube can be found below. See if you can choose 2 of the weeks activities to have a go at under Summer Term – Week 2 (w/c 27 April) on the number learning link.


Don't forget, if you feel stuck for fun learning activities, there is always the topic web for Handa's surprise with  ideas for creative learning activities along with many more different challenges. 




CBeebies Bedtime Stories Ellie Harrison The Night Pirates

This video belong to BBC we upload for purpose to share out UK with kids around the world to spread English language. We really love BBC Disclaimer: We do no...

                                         Week 6 Activities 

For the next few weeks the learning activities you can do have changed. Rather than having a daily activity, you will be able to look at 2 phonic sounds  and number learning activities each week and fun challenges for our topic across the next 5 weeks for our topic 'Handa's surprise'.



For our phonic learning we use a teaching tool called 'Storytime phonics.' Below you will find an introduction video into how to use Storytime phonics - all it really entails is using videos to help you and your child review sounds they have already learned and practice them. You should have received a login for the website in an e-mail. If you haven't, please drop us an e-mail so we can give it to you.

Each week we will suggest 2 sounds you could look at to review to help your child practice them - this week we suggest looking at the sounds qu and ch .



For number learning  we have attached some ideas for shape, space and measure activities based around the lovely story of the supertato - a link to the story can be found below for the lovely story. We suggest you can choose 2 of the activities to have a go at.


Fun learning challenges

Because you seemed to enjoy the Handa's surprise project so much, we have made a Handa's surprise activity web filled with lots of fun challenges you could over the next few weeks, have a go and challenge yourself to anything you fancy off the topic web below!




Introduction to how to use Storytime phonics

Fun learning challenges for Handa's surprise


Supertato read By Klair. written and ilustrated by Sue Hendra & Paul Linnet

Miss Brown reads The Gruffalo

Settle down for an afternoon story with Miss Brown from her garden.

Mrs Hx reads The Gruffalo's Child from the garden

Some helpful advice from Matt Lucas

Week 5 Activity Ideas

We hope you had a lovely Easter and have loved seeing your Handa's surprise projects! It's clear to see that some of you have worked really hard in learning about the different animals and we hope you have enjoyed the sunshine. This week we're back to daily activities to help you learn at home and spend time together - don't forget to carry on reading every day and enjoy the time together.


Idea for Monday

Idea for Tuesday

Idea for Wednesday

Idea for Thursday

Idea for Friday

Try on a grown up’s clothes

Can you try on some clothes from your grown up? It could be a whole outfit or just 1 thing, have a fashion show and see how you feel wearing grown up clothes.

Draw a view

Take a look out of a window in your home and see if you can draw what you see, what colours are there? Is it different from what you can see out of other windows at home?


Order your teddies or toys

Gather together some teddies or toys and find the tallest and the shortest, put the group in height order by measuring and comparing them.

Make a list

Think of all the  things you enjoy or the things you’re good at, can you write them in a list using your robot arms?

Listen to a grown up read a story

This could be a bed time story or any other time, see if you can sit quietly and listen to your grown up’s story to talk about them about what happened after they’ve read it to you.



This is the story of Handa's Surprise, our next Topic!
As part of your Easter Project we're asking you to watch the story and the project is in the video below with the magical storybox!

Easter project for Red Buses and Green Trains

The Tricky Troll is at it again!

The Tricky Troll is lurking around school while we're away, he's making sure we don't forget our Tricky Words!

Week 2 Activities 

We have loved hearing about all the fabulous learning you have been up to over the phone and it's been lovely to see pictures via e-mail, remember you can always send us pictures of any your learning. We always reply! 

It sounds like most of you made the most of the sunshine and enjoyed the time together. Here are this week's challenges for you to have a got at with your family 


Idea for Monday

Idea for Tuesday

Idea for Wednesday

Idea for Thursday

Idea for Friday

Draw a map

It could be a treasure map, a map of your house or even a place you’ve made up. Talk about the different things on your map and how you would move around the place.

Set up a photo shoot

Use a camera or phone to take some pictures for a photo shoot, it could be of your grown up, a certain room or a pet – what different pictures can you get? How do they look?

Help your grown up tidy/clean up 1 thing

You could make your bed, help with dusting or sweeping or even help wash the pots. See if you can help your grown ups keep the house clean and tidy.

Write a postcard to your teacher

We’re really missing you from school! We would love you to write a  postcard for us to read when you get back, tell us all about what you’ve been up to using your sounds and don’t forget finger spaces!


 What can you build?

Can you build a tower out of lego, cards or paper? What shapes are in it? You can build anything you like out of anything you can find.

Week 1 activity ideas

Please remember that you can put any pictures of learning you have done in the learning journal given to you by school. We would love to see what you have been up to! Don’t forget to read every day, get some exercise and most importantly enjoy the time together to interact, play, learn and explore J



Idea for Monday

Idea for Tuesday

Idea for Wednesday

Idea for Thursday

Idea for Friday

Build a Fort

Use whatever you can find around the house to build somewhere to feel safe and happy (this could be cushions, blankets or anything else to make it nice and cosy.)


Go on a spring walk

This could be anywhere, the park, a forest or even just in your garden, spend some time outside looking at the world around you.


Make up a dance to some music

Play some music (it could be anything you like!) And see if you can make up a dance routine to practice and show off with a grown up.


Play shops

Pretend to have a shop and sell different things to your grown up for their real pounds and pennies. You could pretend to sell your toys, different foods or anything you like. Talk about how different coins are worth different numbers.

Make some paper puppets to retell a story

Read a story with a grown up and make some paper puppets for the characters. Then see if you can act out the story together or make up a whole new one.

If you're enjoying Joe Wicks but fancy something a little calmer before bed or at any other time, Cosmic Kids Yoga have some great yoga stories on Youtube that involve simple yoga poses and fun exercises for all ages, here are a few to try out: 


Under the sea


In the Woods



We're sure if you mention the name 'Jack Hartman' to your children their face will light up, his videos can be found on Youtube, he makes fun and energetic videos to help learn shapes and numbers, here are a few of our favorites: 

Here's a link to BBC Teach, even though the resources are aimed at KS1 it's got some lovely ideas you could use to teach different areas, feel free to follow your own interests and explore learning across different subjects