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29th June


Well Year 6, somehow July is upon us this week! How did that happen so quickly? This week, in Maths, we are learning about ratio. Mrs.Ferry will tell you exactly how vitally important this is, especially for cooking! Meanwhile, our English learning focuses on a fun text called Fabulous Farmilo...think of it like a Horrible Histories style but about our school.

As always, you can access the maths videos here. There's also the third transition activity from The Palace Theatre which encourages you to think about 'why' you are who you are.


Spellings – to be tested on Fri 3rd July

A selection of words to apply in your writing this week, all to include in writing about highlights and memories!











Transition Activity 3

Friday 3rd July

Today it's problem-solving challenges with WhiteRose. You can also find out more about Canada as part of our Friday Theme!  Your spelling test for today is also below!

Friday Spelling Test

Thursday 2nd July

Today we work on solving problems with ratio. I'm really proud of the progress you've all made this week with this, well done! In English, today it's Big Write day - can you write your Fabulous Farmilo text?

Thursday's Maths

Wednesday 1st July

Well goodness me it is July Year 6! Your last month at Farmilo...let's make the most of it as you continue to think about how to celebrate your memories and funny stories of school in your English learning which today is hyperbole, a real favourite of ours! In Maths today, we look at scale factors.

Wednesday's Maths

Wednesday's English

Tuesday 30th June

Morning everybody. All of Year 6 are learning from home today and Mrs.Ferry and I will be on Dojo all day to work with you on your e-learning. Our Maths continues the excellent start you made to ratio yesterday - remember those bacon sandwich ratios? Then, in our English, we move on to look at using Passive Voice. Our bubbles returning to school on Wednesday, do upload your learning to Dojo but don't bring the paperwork back into school please.

Tuesday's Maths

Tuesday's English

Tuesday's Reading

Tuesday's English

Monday 29th June

Today we introduce ourselves to Ratio. In English, we look at a model text and ask you to plan your own. Think about your highlights, the best bits, the most unusual bits of Farmilo!

Monday's Maths

Monday's English