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22nd June


Our focus in Maths this week is on finding properties of shapes - area, perimeter and volume. In English, we are working on Newspaper writing as we write fictitious (or real, if you prefer) news stories from school. To help you, we've provided links to a few news articles about the school, from The Chad. There's also some transition activities to complete across the week, which are available below along with our spellings.


Spellings – to be tested on Fri 26th June

A selection of words to apply in your writing this week, including synonyms for said.











Transition Activities with The Palace Theatre

Friday 26th June

Mrs.Ferry and I thoroughly enjoyed reading the news reports. I especially liked the one about Dogs being taught at school too...great idea! Those of you learning from home today can access the Friday Theme learning here.

Please also do make a start on the transition activities at the top of the page.

There is also Friday's Maths challenge from WhiteRose Hub which you can access here. Make sure you scroll down to Friday's lesson.

Friday's Spellings

Thursday 25th June

After some fantastic learning about are, today we move into looking at volume. Make sure you use the WhiteRose video links to help you. It's also Big Write day today, as you write your newspaper articles about an imaginary (or real) news event which happened at Farmilo.

Thursday's Maths

Wednesday 24th June

Today we move our knowledge on to finding the area of a parallelogram. In English, we are developing our use of dialogue in our newspaper reports. Make sure you also check out our Race to Wembley challenge here.

Wednesday's Maths

Wednesday's English

Tuesday 23rd June

Today we continue exploring area as we move into finding the area of a triangle. In English, we are thinking about the opening paragraph to our newspaper articles as we look at different ways to write our 5W sentence/paragraphs.

Tuesday's Maths

Tuesday's English

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Monday 22nd June

Today we look at Area and Perimeter in Maths. In English, we begin to look at newspaper writing as you plan your very own story to happen at Farmilo!

Monday's Maths

Monday's English