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13th July


This week, in addition to our number knowledge we are revisiting, we are embarking on a special project. Something which brings together our fantastic work this year and a chance to have fun, be imaginative and creative. This week, you've got a special booklet to complete - designing a new Mansfield-themed Theme Park!

You can work through the booklet over the week and get ready to present your ideas on Friday.

BIG Spell

To end the year, Year 6 have nominated 15 10-letter words to challenge themselves! Spellings tested on Fri 17th July!
















Friday 17th July

Goodness me year 6, one last Farmilo Funday Friday! Today, you'll find your weekly Friday maths challenges over on WhiteRose Hub . There's this week's BIG Spell below and also your theme park projects to finish!

And that brings the remote learning to an end but remember there's plenty of ideas and inspiration on our learning from home page to help you continue the excellent learning journey you've had here.

The BIG Spell

Here is the audio for your final spelling test - whether that's something for you to celebrate or commiserate!

Thursday 16th July

Today we continue with our rounding learning as we move to look at rounding numbers in a problem solving context. Our project today sees us focussing on creating the poster and webpages for your theme park. I know some people have also taken up the challenge to build their park in Minecraft which it would be great to see or hear about if you want to upload that to Dojo!

Wednesday 15th July

Today, we move on to rounding numbers as we continue our revision of the number knowledge we had worked on but found a little tricky. Today, we are creating the maps for our theme park by including the 4 rides we'd designed, as well as the other park features like shops and restaurants! 

Math Antics - Rounding

Wednesday's Maths

Tuesday 14th July

Today, we are revisiting negative numbers. This is an area of maths which we did a while ago and I know, from some of the arithmetic revision we've done since, that it's one it would be useful to go back to. You'll fid the questions and answers provided. In our project today, we're going to work on the ride design pages; you can use the inspiration from the links above.

Tuesday's Maths

Math Antics - Negative Numbers

Tuesday's Maths

Monday 13th July

As we begin our theme park project, can you use the results of our consumer research to help you draw some conclusions? What does each slide tell you once you've analysed the data? Make sure to begin your project booklet including coming up with a park name and logo too.

Consumer Research slides

Still image for this video
What do these results tell us?

Monday's Maths