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What we are learning in FS2

Week commencing 15th January 2017

Topic - There are some sea creatures in THE MAGICAL STORY BOX this week so we will be exploring the world below the waves from OUR BIG BLUE SUBMARINE and making our own jellyfish.

Phonics - We're continuing to blend using our new digraphs ch and th.

Maths - Continuing to explore part part whole using numbers for eg How 5 can be split into 1 and 4 and 3 and 2 can be combined to make 5.

Week commencing 8th January 2018

Topic - The MAGICAL STORY BOX contains a whole new story and we're so excited to start reading OUR BIG BLUE SOFA.  This week we will be talking about our homes and sharing stories about what we love about them.

Phonics - We'll be working on digraphs this term, starting with sh.

Maths - We will start the term by revisiting our part part whole learning from last term to see what we can remember :}


W/C 18th December 2017


Wednesday 21st Dec Christmas Dinner

Christmas party games, disco and Pantomime Thursday 21st Dec

Making reindeer food and decorating stockings




W/C 11th December 2017


Christmas Activities

The Nativity - Wednesday 13th December 10:30am & 2pm

Christmas Jumper day Friday 15th December

Making cards and calendars and decorations

Week beginning 4th December 2017

Topic - We're starting our countdown to Christmas this week, with lots of Christmas play practice and a different Christmas story each day.  On Tuesday, we will reading and writing about The Stick Man by Julia Donaldson as well as making our own stick creations.

Maths - One more to 10 this week.

Phonics - We're continuing with double letter digraphs

27th November 2017

Topic - We will be finishing Whatever Next! this week and reading another story to inspire us, called "It's not a Box".  We'll be making our own creations from cardboard boxes throughout the week.

Phonics and maths - We'll be assessing phonics Phase 2 and 3 and understanding of number to 20 this week.

Whoops-a-Daisy Angel - We're starting to crank up our rehearsal time so could you please make sure you practise your child's lines with them and try to get their costume in by Friday.  Please speak to your child's teacher if this causes any problems.



Week commencing 20.11.17

This week and next are our assessment weeks so we will be looking at your child's phonics and maths understanding and observing how they work in the areas around the classroom.

Topic - This week there are owls in THE MAGICAL STORYBOX so we will be making owls of lots of different types.

Maths - We're checking our understanding of part, part, whole again this week

Phonics - Double letters this week.  This is the start of our learning about digraphs, 2 letters that make one sound.

Week commencing 6th November

Topic - This week's MAGICAL STORYBOX contains a colander and wellies as that's what Baby Bear wants to take to space with him.  What do you think we would need in space?  We will also be learning about Bonfire Night and about Rememberance Day and why it is important to mark it by wearing poppies.

Phonics - We're getting to the end of the alphabet now,  doing w. x, y and z. Dr Tricky was very busy last week so we're hoping for 2 visits this week.

Maths - Estimating and more/fewer are our focuses this week.  We'll be learning a counting in 2s song too.

Week commencing 30th October 2017


Topic - Because we come back to school on Halloween, it would be rude not to celebrate it!  We'll be having a 'FUNNYBONES' day on Tuesday, making skeletons and carving pumpkins.  Wednesday, we will be looking inside the MAGICAL STORYBOX and finding out all about our new book, 'WHATEVER NEXT' how exciting :))

Phonics - v and w this week, as well as revisiting everything we learnt last half-term.  Let's hope Dr Tricky can pull in a visit too ;)

Maths - We're starting the half-term making sure we haven't forgotten our counting skills 

Week commencing 9th October 2017

Topic - THE MAGICAL STORYBOX  holds sporting equipment this week so the children can expect to get their heart rates up and enjoy some healthy treats

Phonics - b, d,a and e ( Don't forget to download the Jolly Phonics app on your phone)

Maths - More counting this week and we'll be learning a new 1-20 song :)

Week commencing 2nd October

Topic - It's Grandpa's birthday this week so we'll be partying hard

Phonics - We'll be revisiting g, o and ck this week

Maths - Adding by counting on

Week commencing 25th September 2017

Topic - Beware! The pirates are coming... THE MAGICAL STORY BOX holds a big surprise this week and we'll all be saying Arrr by the end of the week.

Phonics - P,I and N this week but we'll be starting to use those letters in blending and segmenting short words (we call them CVC words, which means consonant, vowel, consonant.  Words like pin, pat, sit etc)

Maths - We are continuing with the Shanghai number line, but this week, we will be introducing addition, but counting on to reach a new total. 


Week commencing 18th September 2017

Topic - This week, we will be starting our new book, Grandpa's Handkerchiefs and in THE MAGICAL STORYBOX there is a train and timetable. We'll be talking about what we can see from the train window.

Phonics - We're starting with SATPIN this week, or phonics sessions will be daily and we will be learning songs to go with all the sounds, writing on whiteboards and making words on magnetic boards amongst other activities.

Maths - We'll be working on securing our knowledge of 1-5 this week 

Week commencing 11th September 2017

This week, we will be focussing on one of the school rules each day, doing lots of practical activities to embed them in our learning and make sure they underpin everything we do.

Monday - Kind and thoughtful

Tuesday - Safe and responsible

Wednesday - Respectful and celebrate difference

Thursday - Polite and listen

Friday - Work and learn together

Week commencing 5.9.17

This week we will be making sure are the children are settled and happy with using all the areas.  We will be issuing planners and reading books so please ask your child to read to you as soon as they have one.