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What we are learning in FS1

W/C 22nd January 2018


Topic - Our Big Blue Sofa -We have visitors this week to talk about how they help us when they work for the hospitals and police. It is our Jango's trip on Wednesday or Thursday so we can bounce and climb on the play equipment.


Letters and their sounds - Introducing letter sound, action, story for 'o'. Write the letter shape

'o' saying the rhyme "all around the orange".


Number learning - repeating patterns - going on a pattern hunt. Looking at 0 and 1. Match the number card to the amount. Making the number shapes.

W/C 15th January 2018


Topic - Our Big Blue Sofa. The Sofa turns into a submarine under the sea. What can we see in the ocean?


Letters and their sounds - Introduce story, song, sound and action for 'd'. Make the letter shape 'd' saying the rhyme 'around the dinosaurs bottom, up his neck and down to his toes'.


Number learning - positional language (in, on, under, next to) counting to 10 and showing the amount on our fingers and using objects.

W/C 8th January 2018


Topic - The Magical Story Box holds a new story - Our Big Blue Sofa. The first installment introduces the home and who lives in a home and the kinds of things you could find there.


Letters and their sounds - Silly sounds soup. Story, sound, action for 'g'. Make the letter shape 'g' saying the rhyme 'around the girls face down her hair and give her a curl'.  


Number learning - looking, building and talking about 3d shapes.



W/C 18th December 2017


Late afternoon nursery Wednesday 21st Dec at 1:15pm due to Christmas Dinner

Christmas party games, disco and Pantomime Thursday 21st Dec

Making reindeer food and decorating stockings




W/C 11th December 2017


Christmas Activities

The Nativity - Wednesday 13th December 10:30am & 2pm

Christmas Jumper day Friday 15th December

Making cards and calendars and decorations



W/C 4th December 2017


Topic - Christmas stories and decorate the tree in the Foundation Unit. Continue singing our nativity songs and learning our dances ready for the performance.


Letters and their sounds - Assessment Phase 1


Numbers - number recognition and 1:1 counting, seperating 4 items in different ways


W/C 27th November 2017


Topic - Whatever Next - We finish the story where ted visits the moon in his cardboard box. Please bring in a box to make your own box model of your choice.


Letters and their sounds - Assessment of Phase 1 


Numbers - Assessment 


W/C 20th November 2017


Topic - Whatever Next - writing a letter to the owl. Making and painting owls.


Letters and their sounds - introduce song, sound and story for 'm'. Make the letter shape saying the rhyme "Maisie mountain mountain".


Number learning - separate 3 or 4 objects in different ways. Compare 2 groups and say if they are the same or different.


W/C 13th November 2017


Topic - Whatever Next. Discuss what we would take to space. Try some 'Space Food'.


Letters and their sounds - introduce the sound, song and action for 'n'. Make the letter shape saying the rhyme "down Nobby and over his net".


Number learning - counting and finding numerals in the environment.


Christmas Play practise - learn songs and lines. 

W/C 6th November 2017


Topic - Whatever Next - We look at the things we might take to space.

Listening to the Poppy story.

Learning our Christmas songs.


Letters and their sounds - introduce sound, song, and action for 'i'. Make the letter shape 'i' saying "down the body and dot for the head".


Number learning - counting 1:1, sing number songs, using number language in our play. 

W/C 30th October 2017


Topic - Whatever Next. The Magical Story Box will hide a rocket and an astronaut this week. We will be making junk model rockets, bonfire pictures and duplo rockets.


Letters and their sounds - Introduce the sound, song and action for 'p'. Make the letter shape and say the rhyme "down the pirates plait and around his face".


Number learning - use number names and language. Count 1:1. Make marks to represent that amount. e.g. o o o  = 3

W/c 16th October 2017


Topic - Grandpas Handkerchief - Gardening with Grandpa! There will be seeds to explore and make seed art. Flower pots and compost.


Letters and their sounds - introduce the song, sound and action for 't'. Make the letter shape saying the rhyme "down the tower across the tower"


Number learning - learning the language of time. Later, soon, next, before, yesterday, etc. Talking about what time we get up, go home, have dinner etc



W/C 9th October 2017


Topic - Keep healthy week! We are making fruit kebabs, and peeling vegetables. We shall be talking about why fruit and vegetables are good for us. We will be running races and being active outside. Our Grandparents are coming to school on Friday!  


Letters and their sounds - 'a' listening to the story, learning the song, sound and action. Making the letter shape 'a' by saying the rhyme "round the apple and down the leaf".


Number learning - This week is all about patterns. We are going on a pattern hunt and looking at repeating patterns.


W/C 2nd October 2017


Topic - Grandpa's Handkerchief - It is Grandpa's birthday. We shall be having a party, making a party hat, decorating biscuits to eat.


Letters and their sounds - Using our body to make sounds. Introduce 's' story, action and song.


Number Learning - Recite number names in order. Count out 3 objects and add one more or take one away and talk about what has happened to the amount.   


25th September 2017


Topic - Grandpa's Handkerchief - There is a boat and a pirate in the story box this week. We are making our own boats to float and exploring lots of water activities.


Letters and their sounds - Singing action songs and playing instruments attempting to copy a pattern and play loud and quiet sounds.


Number Learning - Counting songs and objects. Building tall towers with blocks and seeing how many blocks build a tower before it falls over. 

W/C 18th September 2017


Topic - We begin the story of 'Grandpa's Handkerchief'. In the Magical Story box this week is a train and a timetable. We will be exploring trains and journeys and making maps.


Letters and their sounds - Phase 1 listening activities and games.


Numeracy - Reciting numbers to 10, singing number songs and showing the amount on our fingers.


w/c 11th September 2017

This week, we will be focussing on one of the school rules each day, doing lots of practical activities to embed them in our learning and make sure they underpin everything we do.

Monday - Kind and thoughtful

Tuesday - Safe and responsible

Wednesday - Respectful and celebrate difference

Thursday - Polite and listen

Friday - Work and learn together

w/c 5th September 2017


This week we will be settling into our new environment and build relationships. We will learn our welcome songs, say "Good Morning" to your name for the register, talk about the weather, sing nursery rhymes, explore all of our areas and learn how to use our equipment.