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What we are learning in F2 this week

W/c 15th October 2018

Topic - How exciting...Our Parents'Event will be happening on Thursday, when we serve breakfast to our families.  We'd better get some invitations written!

Phonics - We'll be introducing C and O this week.

Maths - One less, so if you could practise counting backwards from 10, that would help :)

W/c 8th October 2018

Topic - The Naughty Bus has fallen in the pond!  Dr Tricky is coming to teach us the action for 'I' and we'll be pretending to be the bus and writing about what has happened to us. 

Phonics - Geraldine will be going off around the house to find things beginning with g and o this week.

Maths - We needed a bit more practice on 1 more and 1 less this week.

W/c 1st October 2018

Topic - There's a bit problem to solve today!  Someone has been in the classroom and made a terrible mess.  We've got to find the clues to work out who is responsible...I think it may be someone terribly NAUGHTY! We'll be decorating our buses this week.

Phonics This week we'll be starting to blend our letters to make words and segmenting words into sounds to be able to write them.

Maths - We'll be counting backwards and forwards and looking at 1 more and 1 less.


W/c 24th September

Topic - How exciting! There's a toy inside the present and we want to know what your favourite toy is :}  We'll be telling all our friends about it and writing about it later in the week.

Phonics - P,I,N this week

Maths - Sticking with numbers to 5, we'll be matching and ordering

W/c 17th September 2018

Topic - THE MAGICAL STORYBOX will make its first appearance this week and there is a present inside.  We will be talking about when we get presents and who from.  We'll be wrapping our own presents, and writing about what we think we'd like if it was for us.

Phonics - We'll be starting at the beginning this week, with SAT.  WE'll be singing jolly phonics songs (don't forget the Jolly phonics app), writing them, blending them to read and segmenting to write.

Maths - We'll be looking at everything to do with 5.  Singing, counting, looking at all the numbers and how to make and split them apart.

W/c 10th September 2018

We will be learning one of our school rules every day this week, they are:

  • Be kind and thoughtful
  • Be safe and responsible
  • Celebrate difference
  • Be polite and listen
  • Work and learn together

Please ask us to sing you our rules song as we will be practising it this week as well as thinking about what it means to be a good friend and leaner.


Week commencing 3rd September

This week we will be getting to know each other and familiarising ourselves with the routines, as well as exploring all the fun things to do in the unit.