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What we are learning in F1 this week

W/C 7th January 2019


Topic - Bog Baby - design own Bog Baby.


Letters and their sounds - Introduce sound, song and action for 'g'. Make the shape by saying the rhyme "around the girls face down her hair and give her a curl"


Number learning - Going on a shape hunt around school and building with shapes. 

W/C 17th December 2018


19th December - Christmas jumper day

20th December - Christmas party & disco


Have a fabulous Christmas everyone!

See you in 2019! 

W/C 10th December 2018


Christmas Performance 12th December - please join us at 10am or 2pm.


Shusshh Nativity Footprints play 14th December 10:30am


Letters and their sounds - introduce letter sound song and action for 'd'. Make the letter shape saying the rhyme "down the dinosaurs bottom up his tall neck and down to his toes".


Number learning - counting christmas stockings and baubles on the tree. 


W/C 3rd December 2018


Topic -  Christmas play practice


Letters and their sounds - assessments 


Number learning - assessments

W/C 26th November 2018


Topic - The Owl who was afraid of the Dark - we will have a telescope and stars in the magical story box.


Letters and their sounds  - Introduce sound, action, and song for 'm'. Make the shape and say the rhyme "Maisie mountain mountain".


Number learning - Assessment of numbers, reciting to 10, show amount of fingers, make marks to represent that amount, identify which group has the most.


W/C 12th & 19th November 2018


Topic - Introducing our new story 'The owl who was afraid of the dark'


Letters and their sounds - Introduce story, song and action for 'n'. Make the letter shape 'n' saying the rhyme "Down Nobby and over his net"


Number learning - 2 d shape names - circle, triangle, square, rectangle. Talk about the sides are they straight or curved?


We shall also be learning lines for 'The Nativity' performance and singing the Christmas songs.

W/C 5th November 2018


Topic - Diwali - The story of Diwali. Making lamps and hand art.


Letters and their sounds - Learn the sound, song an action for 'i'. Say the rhyme "down the body and dot for the head".


Number learning - flash cards 0-10. Show the correct amount of fingers to match the card

W/C 22nd October 2018


Halloween Disco 23rd October after school.

Parents Meetings 24th October please see your class teacher if you have not got a time slot yet.

Inset Day 26th October


Letters & their sounds - Introduce sound, song, action for p. Say the rhyme "down the pirates plait and around his face".


Number learning -  counting 1:1 to 5. Make marks to represent that amount.



W/C 15 October 2018


Topic - The Naughty Bus - We have invited the parents/carers to be served beans on toast by the children Thursday 18.10.18


Letters and their sounds - introduced letter sound, action and song for 't'. Say the rhyme down the tower across the tower.


Number learning - Language of time - before, late, soon etc. Talk about home time, meal times etc.

W/C 8th October 2018


Topic - The Naughty Bus - The bus is lost in the pond and needs to be recovered. 


Letters and their sounds - Introduce the sound, action and song for 'a'. Make the letter shape 'a' saying the rhyme "around the apple and down the leaf".


Number learning - pattern hunt around school and in the environment. Look at different sizes and put them in order.


W/C 1st October 2018


Topic - The Naughty bus - This week the bus makes a mess everywhere!


Letters & their sounds - Introduce 's' letter shape, sound and action. Make the shape saying the rhyme "slither down the snake."


Number learning - count out 3 objects add 1 more/take 1 away. Talk about if it is the same or different. Recount.

W/C 24th September 2018


Topic - The Naughty Bus - We shall be making a box model bus and talking about when and why we would travel on a bus. Please help us by taking your child on a bus ride.


Letters and their sounds - listen to the jolly phonics songs. Play instrument in the same rhythm for others to copy.


Number learning - count jumping up and down using flipper flappers. Count small amounts of objects 1:1. 




W/C Monday 17th September 2018


Topic - Introduce our new topic through the story of The Naughty Bus. We shall be wrapping presents and talking about why and when we would receive or give a present.


Letters and their sounds - Phase 1. listen to and copy various sounds and actions.


Number learning - number songs, counting 0-10 forwards and backwards through songs.