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What we are learning

Week beginning 25th September

This week, we will be beginning to write our stories about 'If Marvel did Ancient Egypt' by dropping our comic versions of the Egyptian Gods into the modern world! Our topic work will also see us develop our knowledge of Ancient Egyptian beliefs about the after-life. In Maths we will be developing our knowledge of rounding numbers.


Spellings to be tested on Thurs 28th  

Topic words and homophones


Do you know the answer?


There are no chips left.


I will meet you at Costa!


We need meat from the butchers.

Can you hear me?

We are over here.




Week beginning 18th September

Our topic focus this week will be the locations of Ancient Egypt as we find out more about The River Nile, The Valley of the Kings and the Great Pyramids. We will also begin to develop our own comic version of an Egyptian God using some of the Marvel world as inspiration. In maths, we will continue to develop our place value knowledge as we work on the power of 10.


Spellings to be tested on Thurs 21st

Topic words and homophones


The witch was scary.


Which one is yours?


I would like two sweets.


I am going to the shops.


That’s too hot!


Week beginning 6th September


As we get back into school and begin our new year together, we will be learning all about the mythology and Gods of Ancient Egypt. We will be carrying out Ancient Egypt's God Talent(!!!) and looking at the different responsibilities of the Pharaohs before finding out which God would get your Golden Buzzer! As well as this, we will be taking part in  a number of activities related to the new academic year.



Spellings to be tested on Fri 17th Sep (due to the trip on Thurs!)

Topic words and homophones


That’s their football.


My house is there.


They’re going home.


Where are you?


Were you busy?