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What we are learning



Maths: We will start looking at multiplication and how it is commutative.


English: In English, we're beginning a two week narrative based on The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch.


Topic: We're going to look at different countries and compare them. 



Maths: We'll be moving on to multiplication. In Year 2, we start by looking at repeated addition and looking at equal groups.


English: In English, we're writing a character description about a pirate.


Topic: In topic, we'll be creating observational drawings of pirate ships, planning a route for Captain Cook looking at different countries that are hot and cold and measuring cargo on a ship (how much cargo can a clay ship take before it sinks?)

Happy New Year!



Maths: We'll be spending the first weekof this half term learning how to read an analogue clock. Children are expected to know: o'clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past.


English: Year 2 will be writing their very own instructions on how to make a pirate potions! 


Topic: We'll be launching our new topic, 'Land Ahoy'. This week, we'll be looking at oceans and the different continents. We'll also be making our own moving mechanisms for a moving ship in DT. On Thursday, we will be holding our pirate party day! Children are allowed to dress up in pirate outfits or their own clothes (red/white or black).



Maths: We'll be solving mixed addition and subtraction number sentences.


English: We'll be writing and editing our own narrative.


Topic: we'll be making suggestions on how to improve our local area. We'll also be constructing a  3D dream town!



Maths: we're going to start looking at subtraction methods for 2 digit numbers.


English: We're going to continue our narrative, A Walk In Pleasley.


Topic: We will look at the book, Window by Jeannie Baker, and discuss how our community might have changed in recent years.


** Please bring in outfits for Thursday 30th November as we have a planned dress rehearsal. Let us know if you're struggling with your child's outfit. **


Maths: we will continue adding 2 digit numbers and start looking at carrying ones.

Eg: 19 + 26 =


English: We will read the book, 'A Walk In London' and write a narrative based on this book - 'A Walk In Pleasley.'


Topic: We'll be looking at man made and natural materials. We'll also be thinking about how we could help look after our community.


*** Thank you for all your support helping children learn their Christmas Nativity lines! ***


Maths: We'll be moving on to adding two two-digit numbers using a more formal method.


English: In English we will be writing adverts as an estate agent to sell a property!


Topic: We'll be looking at homes in the past and present and comparing. We'll also be investigating man made and natural resources that are used to build homes.



Maths: we'll be moving on to adding and subtracting multiples of ten

80 + 10

60 - 10

40 + 30

50 - 20


English: We are going to write a poem about baking a cake. 


Topic: We are having a special visitor in to school to talk about Pleasley in the past! We'll also be using some old recipes to make delicious cakes. 




Maths: We will continue with our number bonds work and start to solve problems using our number bonds.


English: We're going to be reading the story 'The Jolly Postman' and writing a letter to a very important person!


Topic: We're going to be finding out about Pleasley in the past and how homes have changed.





Maths: We'll be starting our unit on number bonds to 10, 20 and 100. Please check out our 'useful websites' page to support your child at home with this learning.


English: We are jumping in to an old photograph taken in Mansfield and will be writing a description.


Topic: To start out new topic, Street Detectives, we're going on a hunt around Pleasley! We'll be spotting different features in our local area and making tally charts. From the data we collect, we'll make a graph on a computer.



Maths: we will be identifying and sorting 2D shapes. 


English: we will be writing our 'perfect polished pieces' information pages for our museum.


Don't forget to come visit our museum Thursday afternoon!! 



Maths: We are comparing and ordering numbers to 100.


English: We are going to write a non-fiction information page about how castles were protected. This will be used for our museum next week!


Topic:We will be finishing our castles and armour! 



Maths: We will be comparing and ordering numbers to 100.


English: In English we're reading the story 'Billy Goat Gruff' and writing a letter.


Topic: We will finish our castles and find out about jobs in a castle.



Maths: We will be continuing our place value work - including counting forwards and backwards in tens. 


English: We will be reading 'The Tunnel' and writing a setting description.


Topic: We will be creating life size armour with Mrs Winterton! We will also be finding out about tunneling animals.


*** Huge thank you to all who donated boxes and newspaper, our castle models are well under way! ***


Maths: We will continue with place value, partitioning numbers into tens and ones and also ordering and comparing numbers.


English: We'll be retelling the traditional tale, Rapunzel.


Topic: Y2 will continue building their castles in DT. In science, we'll be testing which material is the strongest to knock down an enemies castle walls!



*** Newspaper and cardboard boxes needed for DT project***


Maths: We will begin by looking at the value of two digit numbers.  Check our 'useful websites' link for some games that we'll be playing this week.


English: We are revising how to use capital letters and full stops. At the end of the week, we'll write a recount of our trip to Bolsover Castle.


Topic: We are going to find out how castles were protected and begin making 3D castle models. On Thursday we are visiting Bolsover Castle.