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What are we learning this week?



Maths: We're going to start a unit on number bonds to 10, 20 and 100. 


English: We are continuing writing information pages .


Topic: We'll finish our castle models ready for our museum! 



Maths: We'll be ordering numbers to 100 and representing numbers on a number line.


English: We're going to write an information page on the features of a castle...look out for our information pages at our class museum! 


Topic: In topic, we're going to start painting our model castles and we'll be learning about an important person from the past that created some famous structures.



Maths: we will be continuing our unit on comparing numbers up to 100.


English: We're reading Billy Goat Gruff and writing a letter of complaint to the goats!


Topic: In topic, we will be going on a local walk around Pleasley, researching the different jobs in a castle and carrying on making our 3D model castles.



Maths: We will be moving on to comparing and ordering numbers. We'll be looking at using greater than and less than signs    >     <


English: We'll be reading The Tunnel and writing a setting description.


Topic: As well as our local walk around Pleasley, we'll be researching about tunneling animals. 



Maths: We're continuing with place value and partitioning two digit numbers.


English: We will be writing our recount about Bolsover Castle.


Topic: We're going on a visit to BOLSOVER CASTLE! We'll be exploring traditional features of a castle...



Maths: We will be starting with looking at the place value of numbers up to 100. 


English: In English, we are going to retell the traditional tale, Rapunzel!


Topic: We will research the protective features of castles, look back at castles through time and start to design our own castle models!