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Farmilo Pupil Voice

Our School Parliament represents the views of all our pupils. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community. There are 2 class MPs from each of the 4 KS2 classes and one from each of the Key Stage 1 classes. They attend meetings at least every half term and feedback to their classes. They each wrote and gave a speech in assembly and were voted for by the rest of the pupils. They are involved in decision making to help improve the school as well as fund raising activities including book sales and helping out at school fayres. The whole school focused on democracy to appoint the class MPs as well as the other roles within the class and the whole school.

Farmilo School Parliament 2017-18 


To promote democracy at Farmilo, the School Parliament members have been voted for by their peers. Potential members put their names forward and then had to deliver a speech in front of their class (Years 1-3) or KS2 (Years 4-6), as to how and why they would make a good member of the School Parliament. A class vote took place within Years 1-3 and then KS2 had an individual vote for the members of Parliament from Years 4,5 and 6. The votes have been counted and I am pleased to announce that the School Parliament members for 2017-18 are: 


Farrah, Layla, Daisy, Isaac, Elise, Jennella, Zach, Thomas, Erin, Mackenzie and George. 


Our first Parliament meeting will be held before half term. Don't forget to bring your notes! 


Farmilo School Parliament 2016-17

Y1 Frankie

Y2 Tyler

Y3 Gracie & Will

Y4 Nicole & Kieran

Y5 Oliver & Chloe

Y6 Faye & Destiny

12.2.17 School Parliament met to decide on the theme for this year's World Book Day. we decided that we would focus on Traditional Stories as Mrs Hickling has arranged for a storyteller to come in to school and work with the classes. All children will dress up as characters from traditional stories. On the day we will also have a 'Readathon' and children will collect sponsors for this. Prizes for the most money collected in each class will be a cinema ticket. There will also be cinema ticket prizes for the best costumes and the class that raises the most money per child will win £100 to spend on reading in their classroom. There will also be a book sale and the class MPs will help to run this.

Class Ambassadors

Y1 Lacey & Adrian

Y2 Seth &

Y3 Evan & Alexia


Y5 Daisy-Lou & Aiden

Y6 Faith & Lauren

Farmilo School Parliament 2015-16

Farmilo School Parliament 2015-16 1

Our Farmilo Class MPs for this year are as follows:

Year 3- Emmie & Thomas

Year 4- Daisy-Lou & Jack

Year 5- Destiny & Faye

Year 6- Jacob & Ben


We meet every half term to discuss changes we would like to make in school to make Farmilo the best it can be!

Last year's Parliament were involved in the following aspects for improvement:

  • Changes to lunchtimes
  • Play equipment rotas
  • Fundraising for our school
  • Allocation of money for improvements


If you have a suggestion to make please see one of our school MPs.


School Parliament met to decide on the midday supervisor who had impressed them over the Christmas period. They also looked at a pupil questionnaire which they all agreed would help us find out what the children think of our school. The MPs will question 5 children each on the playground and we will gather the information for the next meeting. We also discussed Mrs Hickling's Sponsored READ on World Book Day and MPs agreed to support this and the Spring Disco.

10.11.15 school council met to decide which member of the lunchtime staff deserved the prize for this half term. This will be presented in Friday's celebration assembly. They also worked together to come up with a child friendly version of our Anti-bullying Policy. This will be used and displayed on Monday next week for the Anti-bullying day.
20th May 2014- School Council met to discuss spending the £1000 won by the school in the Shop For Schools competition. After lots of discussion it was agreed that we would buy new monkey bars to add to the trim trail and would look into some sort of den that the children might use to play in at lunch and break times. The children also suggested that it would be good if each class could subscribe to a monthly comic which could be kept in class reading areas.

We also have Class Ambassadors for each class throughout main school. These children welcome visitors into the school and their individual classes, sharing learning and answering questions. For this academic year they are as follows:

Year 1-

Year 2- Gracie & Ethan

Year 3- Luke & Amelia

Year 4- Oliver & Georgia

Year 5- Harvey & Ryleigh

Year 6- Lottie & Morgan